Fortnite is Changing the Game with the Best Artists in the World

There used to be a time when Fortnite was only the most popular multiplayer free-for-all battle royale game around.


But Fortnite is changing the game, and it’s since evolved into something much bigger than that.


Not only is it the biggest game of its kind, but it’s also an avenue for lots of entertainment not even related to gameplay, which could be considered unbecoming for a video game.


fortnite is changing the game


Fortnite is Changing the Game


The talk surrounding Epic’s masterful creation is hardly about gameplay nowadays. The developers became chief in the space after taking the concept introduced by PBG and making it better.


For one, and rather quite importantly, it’s free to play; anyone could jump in and play through the seasonal mode to unlock no end of content such as skins, challenges, and cosmetics.


The platform has become a beast in that it has a player base of several hundred million.


Where esports are concerned, Fortnite is changing the game and happens to be one of the most played competitively, with prize pools luxurious enough to get parents to pull their kids out of school.


The esports industry has also evolved into one of the most monitored spaces around. Bettors can now take advantage of odds whenever tournaments come by, as sites like Bovada offer plenty of those.


Of course, Fortnite is not everyone’s cup of tea. PUBG is still a favorite among gamers, while other multiplayer titles such as Call of Duty: Warzone and Apex Legends are growing in popularity.


But however you feel about Fortnite, it’s hard to deny how special the game has become.


Epic has been bold enough to shrink the importance of shooting, exploring, and crafting, which made Fortnite as big as it is in the first place for other avenues of entertainment.


It’s turned out to be a pretty good decision as the above can become monotonous and boring after a while.


In Fortnite, Epic has created a digital world in which just about anything can happen, and anyone can show up, providing they’re famous enough.


The crossovers have seen characters from Star Wars, Marvel, The Terminator, Ricky & Morty pop up while the NFL and association football stars have made appearances.


Fortnite is changing the game by having a list of guest-star appearances long enough to fill an entire article.


One of our favorites is Will Smith’s character from the Bad Boys movies, Mike Lowry, as one of the latest entrants.


Ariana grande fortnite


But where Epic really hit a masterstroke is with the concert series, the latest of which was headed up by Ariana Grande. The Rift Tour concert took place in early August and was unsurprisingly a huge success.


The event was more of an adventure than it was a concert as, while players couldn’t deal damage to each other, they could take part in various parts of the tour which had their own songs. There was quite a lot to do.


At a particular juncture, Grande approaches a bright white light along with a large flight of white stairs (in avatar form, of course) while singing “The Way.”


The song features Mac Miller, who passed away in 2018 under tragic circumstances. The two artists had a relationship that started in 2016, so the performance was seen as a tribute.


What Epic has managed to do with the game is pretty remarkable as they’ve made sure they’re in a position to attract folks who don’t even care for battle royale titles.


Ariana’s concert is considered to be the best yet, but it’s certainly not the first. Rapper and producer Travis Scott made history as the first artist to have a concert in a video game last April.

Travis Scott


He seemed the perfect performer to introduce the concept as he’s quite over the edge when it comes to live performances.


Many would recall the 30-year-old getting his act done on top of a mechanical eagle in midair during the opener for Kendrick Lamar’s tour in 2017.


His Fortnite performance was pretty much in the same vein, just digitally.


The Texas-born singer was introduced by an asteroid that crashed into the ground, and he would emerge from the ashes to perform “Sicko Mode,” a single with Drake that topped the charts.


The concert only lasted 10 minutes, but the audience enjoyed it thoroughly as Scott took them through underwater scenes, as well as outer space.


The newer Rift Tour has seen the concept take several strides, in a great direction at that.


It has turned the battle royale favorite into a sort of carnival in which players can watch great performances, complete quests, and marvel at the genius behind it.


Gaming, though, will always focus on combat, but Fortnite could someday get rid of it and keep on enhancing the wonderful metaverse in which just about anything is possible.


It’s why people who don’t particularly feel inclined to run around and shoot other gamers have kept the title installed on their devices.


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