7 Tips on How to Pack a Suitcase for an Awesome Summer Trip to Europe

As your summer get-away approaches, the inevitable task of packing looms. Packing can be stressful, and can often result in bringing an excess of belongings with you that never get used…while an essential item is left behind.


These tips on how to pack a suitcase for your trip to Europe will help you streamline the contents of your luggage, and ensure that you have everything you need when you arrive at your destination.


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How to Pack a Suitcase for Your European Summer Trip

Make Your Carry-On Work for You


Your carry-on luggage not only serves as providing extra capacity for packing essentials, it can also double as a beach bag once you hit the sands.


We recommend using a tote bag that is large enough to carry anything you don’t want to leave in your suit case but small enough to meet the airline size standards. 


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Essential Eyewear


Protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays by packing a stylish pair of sunglasses that have high strength UV and UVB protection.


Everyone knows your eyes can easily sustain damage from sun exposure and a good pari of sunglasses can prevent damage in the future. 


High prescriptions don’t mean a compromise in style, either. There are a huge range of prescription shades on the market, including those that feature specialist lenses.


Progressive sunglasses are multi-corrective like bifocals without the visible line on the lens and are just one of the options out there.


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High Strength Sunblock


If you are wondering how to pack a suitcase for your summer vacation sunblock is one of the essentials to pack.


As with sunglasses, be sure to choose a high factor block that protects against UV and UVB, and is waterproof, too, if you’re planning on going for a dip.


If you’re off for a short break, consider buying a travel-sized sunscreen. Alternatively, you could decant your sunblock into a leak-proof container to guard against any disastrous spillages on route and, again, to save all-important space in your case. 


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Create a Capsule Wardrobe


Deciding what clothes to take along with you can be the most confusing part of how to pack a suitcase for a sunny get-away. Rather than throwing in all your favorites try planning out select items for each day of your trip. 


Think about what could easily be dressed up for a night out with a well placed accessory or two. For example, a light-weight oversized shirt makes for a great beach cover-up, but can also be put to use on a day trip when worn with jeans.


A thin scarf is a good item to have with you to use as extra sun protection, an accessory to jazz up an outfit for an evening out, or to cover your head with if you’re visiting a country whose culture and customs require this.


Don’t forget your swim-suit! As an extra tip, why not take a waterproof bag with you, to put your damp swimsuit in for the journey home at the end of the holiday? This is a nifty little trick to avoid the rest of your luggage getting wet.


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Heads Up


As well as protecting your eyes and body from sun damage, think about your head and scalp, too. A sun-hat, preferably wide-brimmed, is absolutely essential to take on your summer holiday. 


A hat provides protection from sun burn and the effects of sun exposure It also will help to keep you cool by keeping your face and neck in shade, and will also serve to deterrent for pesky flying insects.


With a huge variety of on-trend options available, your sun-hat offers an extra opportunity to show off your beach style!


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How to Pack a Suitcase and Stay Organized


Once you’ve gathered together everything you want to pack, there are some tricks you can use to make the most efficient use of the space in your suitcase. Packing cubes are a great way to separate out your items and manage the luggage space available.


Compression vacuum bags are amazingly useful. After garments are placed inside, the air can be entirely sucked out of the bag so that a previously hefty pile of shirts and trousers shrinks down to a fraction of its previous size.


Compression bags are one of the best possible ways to maximize your suitcase’s capacity.


Lastly, make the most of every inch of space by fitting smaller items into gaps and creases, and use the inside of shoes and hats to carry small or breakable items.


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Packing Light


Planning is the key to how to pack a suitcase and make sure that you have all the essential items you need to make your summer break stress-free.


Start thinking about items you want to take a week or so before you depart, and begin to stock up on what you need. Travel sized containers and leak-proof bottles, your travel wallet and a pouch. 


Depending on the destination you want to be sure you have something secure that can carry your valuables. With a bit of forward planning, sorting out your luggage can be a breeze. 


Now all that’s left for you to do is count down the days until you hit the beach!


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