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Middle school is usually the trickiest period of a child’s growth primarily because children typically start puberty during this time in their life. With puberty comes a world of unfamiliar experiences that can be quite challenging for a child to cope with. 


Parents can help support their child by letting them know they are there for them to listen, engage and encourage their child. Parents also must stay vigilant when it comes to technology


Online friends and bullies are the norm these days and an Android parental control app can help parents stay on top of what their child is being expose to.


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Some challenges your child will face in middle school

Knowing themselves


The middle school grades are a time when almost every child begins to pull away from their parents to find who they are as an individual. As a parent, you can help them in a few different ways.


You could sit with your child and have them make a list of positive words that describe who they are. You can make the process fun by alternating between you and your child.


One day they pick a word that they feel describes them and the next day you pick a word that you feel describes them. You could hang the list on your child’s bedroom door to boost their confidence and remind them of all the wonderful qualities they posses.


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Coping with peer pressure


Every parent is well versed in the difficult aspects of peer pressure. A child has to face a great deal of peer pressure in middle school, and parents need to do all that they can to know what their child is dealing with regularly.


Since children spend many hours on their Smartphone, parents must observe how their child interacts with classmates on the phone. There are various apps such as the FamiSafe parental control app that provide location history and activity reports.


Parents can use the app to keep track of where their child is any time of the day. Give your child to make their own decisions early in life.


Something as simple as picking their outfit when they are very young can help give them the tools to make their own decisions later in life. This will less the chance of them being a “follower” when they are older.


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Dealing with puberty


Pre-teens and teenagers are dealing with the most sensitive period of their life. Their hormones leave them confused about their feelings and create a sort of internal conflict within them.


It can lead them to want to explore their sexuality and quench their curiosity. Middle school kids often try to satiate their sexual urges by watching porn.


As parents, you must be well aware of the graphic content that adult sites contain. The best way is to set up Android or IOS parental controls that block adult sites and apps. 


FamiSafe is one of the leading parental control apps that let you control your child’s online browsing activity. It also provides a report of their browsing history.


This way, a parent will know what their kid is up to when they are online.


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Cyber bullying


Most kids in middle school experience not just bullying in school, but also online.


Whether it is death threats through their email accounts or public shaming on their social media accounts, your kid can be severely affected by such a matter.


Since your kid is carrying a phone, camera, and computer in their pocket, sharing nude photos among friends and strangers and being harassed or blackmailed is quite possible.


The Famisafe parental control app is designed to block apps, manage screen time, and detect suspicious photos.


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Social media presence


Kids spend hours on social media networking sites simply because they are bored, under supervised, or are longing to connect with friends and newer people. Teenagers try to seek validation by posting their photos online and give status updates.


They do so because the likes they get gives them a rush of dopamine. However, spending too much time on social networking sites can severely impact their studies and their sense of self.


Moreover, letting the whole world know where they are at a particular point can be life-threatening. So, using Android parental controls can help block such social media platforms and prevent your child from unsafe practices.


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Fitting into healthy tribes


The people who surround your child are very important. Children need a positive support system that they know, if something goes wrong, will be there to catch them like a safety net.


Your child’s friend group plays a major role in shaping up their middle school years. Teach your kids to choose friends wisely and that it is ok to distance themselves from those that do not make them feel good about themselves.


Such lessons will not only help them now but throughout their lifetime. Use the FamiSafe parental control app to assist you in your parenting endeavors.


It is the most reliable parental control app that provides real-time location, App Store, tracks explicit text and porn videos. All you need to do is download the free version on Playstore or buy it.


Next, create an account and follow the step-by-step process to link your kid’s phone to yours. That’s all!


Keep your child safe and happy.


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