How to Sell Your Disney Vacation Club Real Estate Stress Free

No matter the resort location of your vacation real estate purchase, selling it can be a very stressful and long process. Don’t you wish the ease and hassle-free process of buying the Disney Vacation Club real-estate would extend to the resale?


Reading this article, you may shake your head, thinking this cannot be done. How can a resale not cause stress? There is so much information out there and so many horror stories about people selling their vacation homes.


There is no such thing as a resale without stress delays and unforseeable mishaps. Yet a DVC team can deliver just that.


Disney Vacation Club experts will support you along this reselling process and cater outstanding support to avoid stress and worry. Read on to find out why you should leave the resale to the professionals.


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How to Sell Your Disney Vacation Club Real Estate


The first step to moving forward with the resale process is to begin the process of selling your DVC membership. The professional brokers who work to sell your contract will sell within 30 days.


This is the first phase of the reselling process and will make the stress of the real estate market a bit less daunting since it can be very fragile.


The experience and expertise of the Disney Vacation Club marketing team is highly regarded as one of the best with full compatibility to educate on the options to sell, including the timeline.


Choosing a broker for this transaction shouldn’t be a problem for the DVC team.


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Here are the qualifications of their companies brokers for resale


  1. Licensed in the state of Florida, the Disney Vacation Club brokers have a high level of competency and up-to-date certifications and training to handle any property.
  2. DVC brokers have a proven track record of expertise and systems to handle listings for sale and the data analysis of properties for resale.
  3. Social media masters can use social media as a tool to attract buyers, engage their audiences, and introduce videos of new and resale properties.
  4. Proficient in direct DVC sales techniques and strategies, these brokers can navigate clients from the most elite to the excited family of 5 looking for a first-time vacation DVC purchase.


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What are the options?


Understanding your options is just as relevant as learning the process. Each broker at Disney Vacation Club will assist you through the process and answer any needed questions.


Examining your options with the broker of your choice is essential; Disney Vacation Club provides a contract management team that employs former Quality Assurance managers and Resale Administrators who are both prepared and qualified.


The initial step is to provide the Disney Vacation Club contract; this is the first move to a resale. Once the seller completes the paperwork, the Disney Vacation Club resale market team will present an offer on the vacation real estate.


When reselling the Disney Vacation Club property, The rate calculated will be below market value; the Disney Vacation Club team advises the seller to sell right away, regardless of the cost.


There is no waiting around or bidding war; Disney Vacation Club will have the seller’s best interest at heart at all times. It is a possibility that the Disney Vacation Club resale could take about 30 days, which is the purpose and objective of the Disney Vacation Club team working for your best interests.


The data suggests 90 percent of  Disney Vacation Club properties resold within the respected time frame, and the closing process is within 30 to 90 days.


The closing process with DVC

  • Disney’s right of refusal of the first offer within the first 30 to 90 days if they decide to purchase the property.
  • The waiting period for the title company to obtain the documents from Disney’s estoppel, 2-4 weeks after ROFR.
  • The closing process, from both parties
  • The finalisation of the proper documentation, signed with a legal notary with signatures from both parties, seller and title company.
  • Transfer of Disney Vacation Club Membership points


In Summary


This article is only to provide some information needed to move forward with the process of the resale. We hope this help eliminate some of the stress of selling and good luck!


The team at Disney Vacation Club will direct you with the information needed to move along the process.



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