Azerbaijan Travel: is it Safe for Tourists?

Azerbaijan has recently made big changes to attract international tourists. Thanks to the new entry eVisa requirements for Azerbaijan travel, for example, you no longer need to visit an embassy or consulate for your visa and can instead do everything online. Transportation is also improving.


Of course, Azerbaijan is a wonderful country with much to offer tourists. From the gorgeous waterfront promenade in the capital Baku to mud volcanoes, prehistoric cave paintings in Gobustan National Park and the sandy beaches of Lankaran, there is something for everyone in Azerbaijan.


The castles, mosques, and ancient palaces on the Silk Road will give you an idea of the rich culture of this country, a melting pot with traits of the East and West. So, is Azerbaijan travel safe? Will you be fine visiting solo to Azerbaijan? Keep reading to find key safety data and advice.


Azerbaijan Travel: is it safe for tourists?


Crime Statistics for Azerbaijan


When it comes to safety, Azerbaijan looks pretty good. The overall level of crime is low, especially for tourists. Attacks and violent crimes are rare and usually directed at locals. The type of crime that foreigners witness the most is corruption/bribery.


Walking alone in daylight in Azerbaijan is quite safe and solo travelers should not take Azerbaijan travel off their list because of safety concerns. Like in all tourist destinations, popular and crowded locations are often the perfect spot for petty crimes like pickpocketing.


Common sense and simple safety measures can help protect you and your belongings.


City of Baku Azerbaijan


Azerbaijan Travel Safety Advice


There are no specific safety risks that travelers should be aware of when going to Azerbaijan. The usual safety advice for tourists applies here too. Find Azerbaijan travel guide below:


      Do not flash expensive items in public like jewelry and camera gear

      Keep your belongings close at all times

      Keep cash and your passport in the safe at the hotel

      Pay special attention while on public transport and in crowded spots like malls and busy road crossings

      Avoid walking alone at night in poor-lit areas

      If you visit a national park, hire a local guide and carry plenty of food and water with you


There are many different religions and cultures represented in Azerbaijan. However, the majority of the local population is Muslim.


Although the government is secular and locals are welcoming with visitors, it is important to be aware of the customs and traditions of Azerbaijan. For example, women may want to dress more conservatively to avoid attracting unwanted attention, and they should be aware that it is not the norm for men and women in Azerbaijan to touch each other (for example, to shake hands) if they do not know each other well.


Azerbaijan Shamakhy It Juma Mosque Minarets


Azerbaijan Travel Safety and COVID-19


COVID-19 has changed the way we travel and go about our daily lives, and Azerbaijan is no exception. At the time of writing, there have been 5,009 deaths caused by coronavirus in Azerbaijan.


The Government has put several measures in place to prevent the virus from spreading and protect the local population as well as visitors.


Until August 2021, Azerbaijan has closed its borders for most international travel. Right now, only the below individuals can visit Azerbaijan:


      Nationals and residents of Azerbaijan, Russia, and Turkey

      Travelers visiting the country for essential reasons

      Travelers visiting the country for the 2021 European Football Championship


Everyone arriving in Azerbaijan must present a negative COVID-19 PCR test or, in some cases, a vaccination certificate.


These are all temporary restrictions introduced to protect the health of Azerbaijan residents and visitors, as soon as the pandemic is under control they will be lifted.


Wash hands


How to stay safe in Azerbaijan during COVID-19


All visitors should practice social distancing even when traveling and sightseeing. Azerbaijan has plenty of natural attractions that will allow you to spend time outdoors and avoid crowds. Here are some tips:


      Do not share accommodation with strangers — choose a private hotel room

      Check that the facilities you are staying at follow sanitizing procedures

      Dine out in establishments that allow for enough room between tables. If possible, ask to sit at outside tables

      Do not share your food with others

      If you want to visit popular tourist attractions, choose those that accept bookings and avoid slots during peak hours

      Always use a mask when in public

      Wash your hands often with soap and water and carry hand sanitizer with you at all times

      Follow the Government’s guidelines and instructions

      Purchase health insurance before you travel and familiarize yourself with the location of pharmacies and medical facilities when you arrive in a new town


Ancient Antique Arabic Architecture Art Azerbaijan


So, Is Azerbaijan Travel Safe?


Taking into consideration everything mentioned above, Azerbaijan is a safe travel destination. With low crime rates and violence towards tourists rare, travelers can visit the country with relative peace of mind.


Provided travelers follow the best practices provided in this article, and follow COVID-19 protocol, they can enjoy a hassle-free stay in Azerbaijan.

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