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Scuba diving destination in europe

10 Best Scuba Diving Destinations in Europe

Scuba Diving Destinations

Go to these scuba diving destinations in Europe this summer! Europe is home to some of the best scuba diving destinations in the world. With many countries opening up for summer 2021, this is your opportunity to explore with fewer tourists.


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Let’s dive into my guide on the best European scuba diving destinations.

scuba diving destinationsReasons Why You Should Visit Europe

Europe has as much to offer you underwater as it does on land. The underwater landscape is a thrilling reflection of the continent’s rich history.


Find beautiful places to visit both underwater and its many seaside towns. Marvel at the incredible architecture that dates back centuries, enjoy delicious local cuisine and benefit from the excellent connectivity between regions.


This scuba diving trip truly offers divers the best of both worlds. If you want to soak up the culture and visit excellent scuba diving spots, Europe is your destination.

Top 10 Scuba Diving Destinations in Europe

Scuba diving in Europe offers plenty of choices and year-round diving. There is something for all scuba divers, thanks to the different landscapes and underwater life.

MS Zenobia Wreck, Cyprus, scuba diving destinations
MS Zenobia Wreck, Cyprus

1. MS Zenobia Wreck, Cyprus

Cyprus is a wonderful small island in the Mediterranean Sea, near Greece and Turkey. Underwater photographers are in for a treat when visiting the MS Zenobia wreck, a 172-meter-long sunken Swedish RO-RO ferry.


Sitting at a depth of approximately 42 meters, it offers a wreck diving opportunity for both beginners and advanced divers. This is considered one of the top scuba diving destinations for wreck dives.

Lofoten Islands, Norway, scuba diving destinations
Lofoten Islands, Norway

2. Lofoten Islands, Norway

You will find great diving in the North Sea in the opposite corner of Europe. The Lofoten Islands of Norway are your chance to dive alongside majestic orcas.


As far as diving in Europe goes, this is one of the colder waters, even in the summer months. Still, experienced divers flock to this dive site for its mesmerizing kelp forests and the several sunken wrecks.

Losinj, Croatia, scuba diving destinations in Europe
Losinj, Croatia

3. Losinj, Croatia

Once one of the best kept secrets of Europe, Croatia is also one of the best places to go scuba diving in Europe. The unique underwater formations and marine wildlife are thanks to its location at the foot of the Alps Mountain range and nestled along the Adriatic Sea.


Croatia has great dive spots all along its coastline, not just near Losinj. Get a taste of life at sea and check out liveaboards to visit all the best diving sites.

Canary Islands, Spain, European scuba diving
Canary Islands, Spain

4. Canary Islands, Spain

Although part of Spain, the Canary Islands are closer to the coast of Morocco in the Atlantic Ocean. Expect warm waters, volcanic formations, and lovely sea life.


Ask the dive center for some of the best dive sites for spotting rays, angel sharks, goatfish, and lizardfish. If you get lucky, you might even see larger species like the pilot whale and dolphins.

Portofino, Italy, the best scuba destinations
Portofino, Italy

5. Portofino, Italy

Portofino, near the city of Genova, is where you want to head for some of the best scuba diving in Europe. Portofino Marine Park is a dive site that feels like a treasure trove.


There is an exciting underwater cave system, impressive rock walls crowded by large schools of fish and wrecks that have been there since World War II. There are scuba diving spots for every experience level.


Blue hole, Malta
Blue Hole, Malta

6. Blue Hole & Azure Window, Malta

A dive trip to Malta is not complete without going to the Blue Hole and Azure Window. It is a world-famous dive site and one of the most unique underwater experiences you can have.


You dive in via the Azure Window and then swim towards the Blue Hole, a collapsed limestone cave. Gozo, one of the Maltese islands, also delivers on wreck diving and an underwater world of sculptures.

Azores, Portugal, best places to scuba dive
Azores, Portugal

7. Azores, Portugal

The Azores Islands is one of the best diving spots for larger marine species. Think blue sharks, manta rays, and tope sharks.


Portugal is also one of the most affordable dive destinations in Europe. You will be able to find great deals at dive centers with enough left in your pocket to explore the mainland.

Silfra Crack, Iceland
Silfra Crack, Iceland

8. The Big Crack/Silfra Crack, Iceland

This is not a dive for the faint-hearted. The Big Crack is an underwater fissure of the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates, creating a thrilling tunnel to swim through.


Even in the summer months, you will need cold water scuba diving gear, so prepare yourself. Your reward is the unforgettable sights of the Silfra Lagoon.

Scapa Flow, Scotland
Scapa Flow, Scotland

9. Scapa Flow, Scotland

Wreck divers are in for an adventure at Scapa Flow. Of all the dive sites in the world, this is where you find one of the largest concentrations of World War II wrecks.


The marine life here is also very interesting; you may even see some seals. The Scapa Flow is by Orkney and is another place best explored with liveaboards.

best places to scuba, Chios, Greece
Chios, Greece

10. Chios, Greece

When diving in Europe, the underwater life near Chios is some of the most colorful that you will see. Scuba dive here and swim over incredible coral reefs, steep walls, and underwater caves.


Scuba divers will get to enjoy a rich marine life in one of the most affordable countries of Europe. Greece remains one of the top tourist destinations offering more than unforgettable dive sites.

scuba diving sea turtle
Photo by Patrick Jansen on Unsplash

People Also Ask (FAQs)

I have covered just some of the great scuba diving in Europe. But trust me, there is much more to discover than just my top 10 list. Rest assured that any scuba diving trip to Europe will be worth it.


Where is the Best Scuba Diving in Europe?

Although there are many world-famous scuba diving sites within Europe, for me it has to be the Lofoten Islands. With the mix of a great variety in marine life, underwater formations, and great wreck dives, it has everything to offer.


Which country is famous for scuba diving?

Malta is one of the most famous European countries to go scuba diving. Most divers will have this high on their bucket list of dives because of the Azure Window and Blue Hole.


What is the scuba diving capital of the world?

To many, Australia is the scuba diving capital of the world because of the Great Barrier reef. But there are many great and interesting places to dive, from Europe, Southeast Asia, to Central America. All are very popular among scuba divers.



If you are looking for a dive destination, Europe is a great place to start. The mind-blowing variety in its underwater world gives you access to several top dive sites within a relatively small region, all of which are easily accessible.

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