5 Travel Hacks for Your Beauty Routine While on Vacation

After a long year of quarantine, you maybe ready to plan a much-needed vacation. While many of us are looking forward to getting out of town, seeing family and friends, and enjoying some incredible scenery, we may be a bit out of practice with traveling and keeping up with looking our best.


With that in mind, here are some travel hacks for your beauty routine that will help you to look and feel your best during your upcoming adventure.


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Travel Hacks for Your Beauty Routine

1. Pack Plenty of Sanitizers


Whether you are traveling by air or by car, you will not always have the opportunity to wash your hands. On the airplane, the overhead air vent, seatbelt buckle and tray table have probably been touched by many other people. In the car you will handle gas pumps, ATMs for cash and public restroom handles.


To help keep germs to a minimum, pack plenty of hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes. Make sure to clean surfaces you’ll be touching and then follow up with the hand sanitizer. This will help keep you healthy and feeling good for the duration of your trip.


You can also carry a fog sanitizer to disinfect surfaces as well as sanitize yourself.


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2. Bring Cosmetics that Do Double Duty


To look your best during your vacation—especially on those days when you have jet lag or are tired after a long road trip—bring along some cosmetics that will not only help you to look more awake and refreshed but can also minimize the amount beauty products you have to carry.


For instance, instead of packing mascara and an eyelash growth serum, you can simply bring an eyelash serum that helps with lash growth and can replace your mascara. The Lash Boost lash serum from Rodan and Fields is easy to use and can also be applied to your brows—which means you can ditch both the mascara and the eyebrow pencil for your trip.


Other multi-tasking cosmetics include a cream blusher you can use on your lips and eye shadow that can also be applied as eyeliner. Don’t forget to carry your sunscreen. This is the most important beauty product as it protects your skin from sun damage and also provide ample moisturization.


3. Layer and Accessorize

When choosing what to pack, you can’t go wrong with clothes that you can layer; that way if the plane is cold you’ll stay nice and comfortable. If you get toasty when sightseeing you can always remove a layer or two to stay comfortable.


Select as many of your favorite items of clothing as you can fit in your suitcase. Then add some accessories that will add some beauty to your outfits. These can include colorful bracelets, flowery scarves, and maybe a new pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses that will not only look great, but also protect your eyes from the sun and hide them if your post-trip peepers are a tad red.


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4. Try Not to Overeat

Yes, you will probably encounter some delicious food on your trip. But as much as you can, resist the urge to overeat. Not only will this make you feel bloated and uncomfortable, but it may also lead to heartburn which can interfere with your sleep.


Salty and fatty foods can also make your face and eyes puff up. As a side note, try to get as much regular exercise as you can on your vacation; wear your fitness tracker and try to get in 10,000 steps a day, or use the hotel gym or pool for some workouts. You’ll sleep better, feel better and if you overindulge at dinner, you can burn off some of the calories.


Don’t use vacation as an excuse to skip your daily workout. To stay in shape and guilt-free, get your body moving.


5. Dress for Comfort as Well as Style


To stay comfortable and peppy all day long, choose clothes made up of breathable fabrics that can be rolled up easily in your luggage. Make sure to incorporate your favorite prints, patterns and colors into outfits that reflect your personality.


Dress up in layers, or carry an extra pair of sweaters/ jackets. If there’s a significant difference in temperature between your departure and arrival destination, layering can prove to be useful. It also helps maintain your body’s temperature inside the plane.


Have a Great Time!

It won’t take long for you to get back into the swing of traveling, and, despite the challenges that are inherent to vacationing, you will undoubtedly have a marvelous time. By following our travel hacks for your beauty routine including, bringing along sanitizing wipes and cleaners, taking along multi-tasking cosmetics like a lash growth serum, packing fun accessories and clothes that layer and are comfortable, and trying to make healthy food choices—at least most of the time—you will look and feel your best while you are away.

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