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Packing for your next vacation is an essential part of planning that will influence every day’s comfort for the duration of your getaway. Using expert packing tips for your next vacation can make the entire trip more enjoyable.


As you are probably aware, if you pack too light and forget the essentials, you may go over your travel budget. At the same time, overpacking can be just as much of a hassle as you won’t have space to purchase exciting items to bring back home. Plus, carrying too much luggage around can also be a frustration.


So we have listed these expert packing tips to ensure packing for your next vacation is one aspect of planning you don’t have to stress about.


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Packing Tips for Your Next Vacation

1. Check the Baggage Policy Before You Get Started


Before you even get started packing your bags, it is crucial to check the baggage fees and requirements of the specific airline you are flying with. They can differ significantly depending on the airline and a few other factors.


For example, with Southwest, you can fly with two bags for free, and this airline is also one of the only airlines that doesn’t charge anything for checked bags.


Knowing the baggage policy and all the weight specifications will save you from an unfortunate and frustrating experience if you arrive for your flight only to realize you have exceeded the allowed baggage weight.


2. Invest in a Lightweight Backpack


There’s no real point in packing light if you have a heavy backpack and luggage travel bag. Fortunately, there are several lightweight options out there that won’t consume much of your weight allowance at all.


The lighter your bag options, the easier it will be to pack in everything you need without compromising on the necessities.


3. Opt for a Sizeable Backpack and Suitcase Instead of Multiples


Instead of purchasing multiple luggage bags and backpacks, you should buy one sizeable luggage bag and one sizeable backpack to take with you on the flight. Having fewer bags in total will ensure all your items are kept together, and you will be less likely to lose one bag of essentials when you arrive.


Lost luggage is an exceptionally common travel mishap. It can put a damper on your vacation as you will have to go without the things you need or wait longer than you anticipated to receive your luggage.


With that said, you could also consider purchasing travel insurance that covers you financially for such instances, as the insurance will payout for essentials while you need to wait for your baggage.


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4. Make a Packing List for Necessities


Instead of packing your luggage without any real idea of what you will need, you should create a packing list that details your necessities. You should also categorize each group of essentials to ensure you don’t forget any essential items.


For example, you should make a list of toiletries and list each toiletry, ticking items off as you pack them into your luggage. The same applies to clothing, shoes, entertainment, medication, travel documents, and everything else you will need when traveling.


Even items like super glue could be an essential item that you shouldn’t forget to pack.


5. Make Use of Packing Cubes


Packing cubes generally come in sets of four, and they are excellent for packing light as they ensure organization. In addition to using packing cubes, you should also consider innovative methods of folding your clothing items, such as rolling.


These methods are designed to save space, and they do. With that said, packing cubes and organization can ensure you can fit in far more than you would if items were simply tossed into luggage bags.


6. Pack Digital Entertainment


Instead of packing seven books to make it through your flight and keep you entertained during your stay-in days while on your vacation, you should consider packing digital entertainment as it is far more lightweight.


Instead of books, you can invest in an e-reader that will fit in your backpack. E-readers can store many books as well, which is why they are great for travel entertainment.


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7. Leave Some Space for Travel Purchases


Of course, you will probably want to bring back a few souvenirs or interesting finds from your trip. And it can be pretty frustrating to purchase things while abroad, only to realize later you don’t have enough packing space available to bring them home with you.


Instead of assuming the amount of room you will have won’t be a problem, you should consider what types of items you might be purchasing on your trip to estimate how much space you will need to bring them home.


8. Choose Practical Shoes


At most, you will only really need three pairs of practical shoes regardless of how long your trip will be. It would be best if you packed in a suitable pair of sneakers for comfort, a pair of smart shoes such as heels for potential formal events, and casual smart flats or loafers are a great selection as these shoes can complete most outfits.


Shoes can easily consume a lot of packing space, so going minimal with your choice of shoes is a great way to pack light.


9. Wear Your Heavier Clothes


Some clothing you might need to bring along will be heavier and take up a lot of space in your luggage, such as a heavy winter coat.


Instead of packing these items and reducing the amount of packing space you have, you should wear them as your travel outfit. You can always remove a heavy jacket as soon as you board your flight to travel in comfort.


10. Choose Practical Clothing


Practical clothing choices are items that can be recycled. For example, instead of packing white denim jeans that you can only really wear once, you should opt for a pair of denim jeans that will go well with most of your outfit choices, allowing you to recycle your jeans.


It would be best if you did the same with your t-shirts, jackets, jerseys, and other clothing items you want to bring along. Packing clothing that can easily be recycled with various outfit rotations will ensure you need to pack fewer clothing items.


Hopefully, these expert packing tips for your next vacation will come in handy while you are planning. Bon Voyage!

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