5 of the Best US Theme Parks for Fun and Entertainment

It is widely known that most Americans love grandeur! The largest amusement parks in the world are established in the United States.


There are over 400 leisure and amusement parks in the US, including some of the most visited parks in the world. We, therefore, suggest that you explore at least one of the best US theme parks included here. There is absolutely something for everyone!


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Best US Theme Parks

Adventuredome, for Family Fun in Las Vegas


We couldn’t begin this ranking of the best US theme parks without going to Las Vegas. The city is, of course, famous globally for being the gambling capital of the world with its many casinos. Slot machines, roulette, blackjack, poker, sports betting, all casinos offer a wide range of games.


There is such a multitude of casinos that it is sometimes difficult to find the one that perfectly suits our needs. CasinoRange.com provides valuable reviews. What is less known is that many other leisure activities are possible on site.


Besides shows and nightclubs, you can have fun in one of the best amusement parks in the city. Located in Las Vegas on the Strip, the Adventuredome theme park has the particularity of being indoors. This is very appreciable in summer when the outside temperature exceeds 100°F.


The Adventuredome offers a very wide choice of attractions for young and old. Everyone can find a merry-go-round suited to their age. There are, of course, roller coasters for adults and smaller, quieter rides for young children.


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Disney World, the largest of the Walt Disney Parks


Florida is the ultimate theme park state! We could not write this article without mentioning its legendary park — Disney World. This huge 27,000 acre park is the largest of the Walt Disney parks and is definitely one of the best US theme parks available. In fact, it will take you several days if you want to explore the park in its entirety.


Disney World isn’t just for kids because there are attractions for everyone, and some will give you thrills you’ll remember! Those who love flora and fauna, will be delighted at Disney World. Indeed, the park is home to more than 1000 animals, 200 different species and many plants from all over the planet.


If you want to stay there for several days, there are many hotels in the park and all around the complex.


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Cedar Point Amusement, for Thrill Seekers


Cedar Point Amusement is the benchmark for thrill ride theme parks in the United States! This amusement park is in Sandusky, Ohio. You can get there easily when visiting Chicago, Detroit, or Cleveland.


Cedar Point holds the record for a number of attractions with 69 rides, each higher and crazier than the next. And since it has been voted “the best amusement park in the world” for fourteen years in a row, we simply had to include it in our list of the best US theme parks.


This theme park owes its success to its seventeen roller coasters, two water parks, and a long white sand beach. It’s enough to make any thrill-seeker’s dream come true!


Six Flags Great Adventure, for the Greatest Thrills!


Fasten your seat belts because Six Flags and its rides intend to shake you up! Six Flags Great Adventure Amusement Park is in Jackson, New Jersey, making it an easy addition for those traveling to nearby cities in New York and Pennsylvania.


The park is approximately 1.5 hours from New York City, and an easy train ride from Penn station. You can also get there by bus or by car if you are taking a road trip along the East Coast.


Described as the thrill capital of the world, Six Flags Great Adventure Park is ideal for families or groups of friends looking for a thrill. It is in this oversized park that you will embark on the biggest roller coaster in the United States of America!


Slip into the Kindga Ka queue and embark on a hydraulic launched roller coaster that will thrust you across a distance over 3,000 feet and a height over 400 feet at a speed of 128 miles per hour!


Other attractions at Six Flags Great Adventure are for the more adventurous, from El Toro, a gigantic wooden roller coaster, to Batman the Ride and its countless loops.


Everything at Six Flags Park in New Jersey is done to give you the greatest thrills possible! And if you can’t make it to this Great Adventure Park, there are other Six Flags locations that can be found throughout the US.


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Kings Island, to Experience the Best Roller Coasters on the Planet!


Kings Island is a large water park with around 50 different activities and some of the best slides. There are separate areas, some of which are dedicated to children, such as Planet Snoopy. 


But there are also thrill rides, and world-record roller coasters such as Banshee, the longest inverted roller coaster in the world. Diamondback is another renowned ride, known as one of the best steel roller coasters on the planet. And finally, Invertigo is one of the few roller coasters where you sit across from someone, allowing you to see the terror on the other person’s face! 


If you are a theme-park thrill-seeker, then you probably already know that the United States is a dream place for amusement park enthusiasts! And now you know some of the best US theme parks to include in your trip.


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