Get Automated Smart Blinds and Save Energy

Your home may have many rooms, but remember that each room has its own specific requirements. The living room requires ambiance, the bedroom needs peace and privacy, while the kitchen is a practical place. Window treatments, such as automated smart blinds, help your room meet its requirements and potential.


Window coverings help to keep a room well ventilated, allowing just enough light to pass through, and they keep your home comfortably warm or cold. Smart blinds allow complete customization and control the amount of natural light that enters a room.


Smart blinds for multifunctional spaces can be synched with a home automation system or with a set schedule to ensure opening and closing of the blinds without your direct intervention. This smart technology helps you to save energy, and keep your privacy intact by allowing you to control the opening and closing of your blinds using a mobile device. You can even increase your convenience by synching your blinds with your smart TV and smart lights.


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Room Specific Automated Smart Blinds

Living Room


This is a high-traffic area where everyone in the family gathers to watch TV or spend time with each other. This is also the first room that a person will see when they visit your home. Smart blinds help you to express your sense of style, personality and helps you set the right mood.


It is important to keep moments in your living room private by preventing onlookers from looking into the room. You need to position your blinds in a way that offers utmost privacy while keeping the room well-lit. If the glare of the sun is affecting and ruining your plans, you should use solar blinds, while blackout blinds are perfect for cutting off the light.


The living room usually has the largest windows and it is important to consider the direction in which your windows face to determine the best blinds to use.


Vertical Blinds

These are the best blinds to consider if light control and privacy are what you are going for. They are very stylish, perfect fit for wider windows and they make your ceiling appear higher. They can be fully opened to show off your view or partially opened to allow some natural light in while ensuring privacy.


Cellular Shades

They are the most energy-efficient window coverings and should be used depending on the location and direction the window faces. They are available in a variety of styles and colors to fit your home décor.


Roman Shades

They are perfect for privacy and are made of a material that stacks when raised.



They are durable and mostly used to add the wow factor to your windows. They also inhibit extreme temperature changes while blocking out light.




The bedroom is where you go to get some rest and enjoy quality time alone. Sunlight is a highly disruptive element when little children, light sleepers, or shift workers sleep during the day. Blackout blinds are a better option if you intend to cut off the light supply completely. These blinds are useful by

  • Allowing you to enjoy a night-like effect during the day
  • Reducing incoming sound
  • Trapping heat or chill inside


You should consider the following window coverings for your bedroom window:


Lined Draperies

Using drapes with a lining helps to block noise and exterior light from entering the room. The lining adds a layer of insulation and provides a beautiful design element.


Roman Shades

When opened, they stay within the framework of your window and provide a beautiful stylistic border to the window. When closed, they block out excess light from entering the room depending on the material used in their manufacture.


Cellular Shades

They come in a variety of styles, colors, fabrics, textures, and materials like light filtering, sheer, and room darkening.


energy-efficient window blinds, automated smart blinds


Benefits of Automated Smart Blinds

Home Insulation


You can pre-schedule your smart blinds to operate by optimizing your household’s energy usage if they are synched with the clock or thermostat. This helps to save energy and time since you can control multiple blinds at once, according to the temperature inside or outside, or according to the position of the sun.


Adjusting your blinds based on light and temperature helps to improve the energy efficiency of your home and reduces reliance on an HVAC system. Energy efficiency allows you to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle too.


Home Security


Your home assistant system allows you to control the movement of smart blinds. If the smart blinds are synched with the light, they will be automatically drawn closed when the light is turned on. This will create the impression that the house is occupied thus keeping people with malicious intentions away.




The opening and closing of smart blinds can be controlled using a remote control or an app on your Smartphone. Smart blinds allow you to set the schedules for opening and closing at a specific time.




A house is made up of many rooms and each room has a specific requirement. The blinds used for the living room should be positioned in a way that offers privacy while ensuring it is properly lit. Blackout blinds are useful for the bedroom if you intend to cut off sunlight completely. Finally, automated smart blinds can be synched with other home automation systems or scheduled to open or close at a specific time.

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