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5 Amazing Real Life Locations from Video Games

5 Amazing Real Life Locations from Video Games

Planning a post-lockdown holiday somewhere exotic and exciting? Why not travel to one of many amazing real life locations from video games?


It may seem odd, but if you’re struggling for inspiration on where to travel, the vaults of video game history really are a goldmine. Many of the imagined worlds that gamers love to spend hours in are in fact based on legendary real life locations.


And when you think about it, the immersive experience of exploring a country or city via a gaming avatar might be the next best thing to going there in reality!


Not convinced yet? You will be after reading about these five amazing real life locations from video games.

amazing real life locations, nepal

Amazing Real Life Locations from Video Games

1. Nepal (Far Cry 4)

The open-world action-adventure game Far Cry 4 is set in the fictional Himalayan kingdom of Kyrat.


If the vivid villages full of authentic A-frame houses cascading down magnificent mountains feel real enough to touch, they’re closely based in Nepal if you want a high-altitude holiday with eye-popping scenery.


The capital of Kathmandu is a top spot for visiting tourists, and it’s easy to see why. The Garden of Dreams is a popular location for out-of-towners to stop, a hub of gorgeous greenery across from the former palace.


This has since become a museum worth visiting for those interested in Nepal’s history.

New York City is Known for, amazing real life locations

2. New York (The Division)

Dystopian open-world role-playing shooter The Division is set in the Big Apple and its 1:1 recreation of New York that gives players free roam of its map is absolutely amazing.


If you’ve enjoyed saving the city on your console or PC, there’s no doubt you’ll love wandering around the City That Never Sleeps in reality! Its countless attractions are so famous in their own right that it feels almost pointless to list them here, but the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art are among tourists’ favorites.


And for those that enjoy a spooky vibe, the Basilica of St Patrick’s Old Cathedral is located just above the old New York Catacombs, where visitors can explore by candlelight on late-night tours.

Geeky Things to do in Tokyo, Electric town, Akihabara, amazing real life locations
Electric Town at night, Akihabara

3. Tokyo (Yakuza)

Intel is a major sponsor of the Tokyo Olympics, and gaming gurus GINX Esports TV informed us that they’re running a huge gaming tourney alongside the official games.


But the Kabukicho district of the Japanese capital is also the inspiration for the neon jungle of Kamurocho in Sega’s famous Yakuza game series.  Naturally, we would love a trip to Tokyo when restrictions permit ̶ minus the swinging katanas!


Thanks to its status as a hub of technology and innovation, Tokyo is a mecca for gamers, and its Akihabara region is a must-see for lovers of all things digital. Aside from its many electronics and gaming stores, the area also attracts a number of anime fans due to the presence of many anime and manga stores, whilst other city districts also house bustling arcades for gaming fans.


And though the city is at the cutting edge of modernity nowadays, it also possesses a rich history reflected in its stunning temples, museums, and, of course, the Imperial Palace, home to the Emperor of Japan.

amazing real life locations, milan, italy

4.  Milan (Dark Souls)

The Dark Souls games series feature some of the most intricate and stylized virtual gaming environments you’ll find anywhere.


And if you’re a fan of architecture, you might be interested to know that the game’s Anor Londo interior is closely based on Milan’s magnificent Il Duomo cathedral, the seat of the Archbishop of Milan. The third largest in the world, it took almost six centuries to complete and features over 3,400 statues – more than any other building in the world.


Milan is also recognized as one of the world’s major fashion capitals, and shopaholics shouldn’t venture into the city without visiting the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.


The height of vogue features some of the world’s best-known brands, including Prada, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and Armani, as well as several fantastic eateries.


Next time you’re cruising the catwalks during Fashion Week, remember to swing by and snap a swish selfie!

amazing real life locations, los angeles

5. Los Angeles (LA Noire)

If you’re a fan of retro hardboiled fiction as well as gaming, chances are you enjoyed LA Noire, which was set in 40s-era Los Angeles.


The game featured iconic locations like Los Angeles Public Library, Musso and Frank Grill, and the La Brea Tar Pits. If you’d like to learn more about the dark underbelly of the City of Angels, treat yourself to a Homicide True Crime Tour from Dearly Departed Tours next time you’re Stateside.


Hopefully, one of these amazing real life locations from video games has inspired you to start planning the perfect post-lockdown holiday – and if you’re splashing out, why not take a few months off and tour each one?


Whatever your choice, Bon Voyage and happy gaming!

Carissa Shuman

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