Most people start dreaming and planning their perfect wedding months; if not years; in advance. And, of course, this includes all the ideas for wedding bouquets.


Flowers are a great way to add beauty, drama, and visual impact to any wedding celebration. Bouquets are an essential part of weddings – everybody has them and it can just add to the mythical feeling of weddings and the beauty of it all.


There are however certain things you should think about when choosing a flower arrangement for your wedding. So let’s take a look at some ideas for wedding bouquets that will help you create the wedding that you’ve always dreamed about.


Ideas for wedding bouquets
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Ideas for Wedding Bouquets

Themed Bouquets 


If you’re planning a wedding that’s eccentric and out-of-the-ordinary by adding a sassy theme to it, why not use the bouquets to bring that theme to life? Flower arrangements may come in many different colors and variety – which makes it easy for a themed wedding.


Nowadays flowers can even be injected with different colors. Ever saw black flowers in the wild? It’s not so common, but some florist companies will doctor the plant to make the color unique. 


These days you get beautiful people that have out-of-the-ordinary dreams and that’s exactly why themed weddings have become so popular.


A few personalized wedding themes include goth-themed weddings, travel-themed weddings, and even a zombie-themed wedding. More conventional wedding themes would be country-, vintage-, rustic- or beach-themed.  


Use Your Bouquet as a Contrast 


If your dress is the traditional white dress then why not mix it up a little by throwing a little splash of color in your bouquet?


You don’t have to be very daring when it comes to your dress, but adding your favorite color with some neutral colors as well as the greens from the leaves will make your wedding photos pop and compliment your face as well as your dress and surroundings. 


For the more eccentric brides if you are going for a themed wedding where there’s either a lot of colors or a lack of color then you can use your wedding bouquets as a contrast. You want to create a balanced color palette of colors that will complement each other. 


You should also consider your bridesmaid’s dresses and if there is a contrast needed or not. It all depends on the shades you choose.


If you choose baby colors or a softer and lighter shade then you can add a splash of darker color in your bouquets.


If your clothes are already very vibrant and of a darker shade, it will be best to have softer shades in your bouquet with neutral colors to soften up your look. 


Ideas for wedding bouquets
Photo by Rodolfo Quirós from Pexels


Pick Your Unique Shape 


Did you know that bouquets don’t have to be super traditional? You may wonder how? You can have different shapes of bouquets.


That doesn’t mean that the bouquet hasn’t been cut neatly and is sticking out everywhere. Some brides tend to be a bit more innovative with their bouquets. 


At one wedding a bride decided to make the bridesmaid’s bouquet a steel circular ring with flowers spiraling around this ring.


Another bride, for example, chose to not carry her bouquet, but to rather use a flexible metal rope with flowers wound around it; she then spiraled the metal rope with flowers around her left arm and it worked like an added accessory.


This can look beautiful and be practical because if you are thinking about it you want your flowers to stay nearby to compliment your look, but you don’t want to drag the bouquet on the dance floor or carry it while you’re eating, drinking, or just enjoying yourself. So this could be a practical alternative. 


You can ask online florist shops to customize the flowers so that you can do it yourself and rearrange the flowers according to your liking.


It’s so convenient to buy flowers online nowadays. Some brides even decided to add jewels to their bouquet. It’s certainly something unique and out of the box to consider.




There are many things to think about when choosing the perfect flower arrangement. The color scheme of your dress, your bridesmaid’s dresses, and the venue as well as the theme of your wedding and if you’d like a unique shape to your floral arrangement. 


Don’t forget that your wedding is all about you and what would make you comfortable and happy. The day is all about making it beautiful for you and your partner and customizing everything to your unique personality and style. 


Don’t hesitate to try something different. If you follow the above-mentioned color scheme rule when choosing from the many ideas for wedding bouquets, then there’s no way that you will mess it up. Every aspect of your wedding will merge to create your desired look.


Carissa Shuman

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