5 Amazing Safety Tips for Luggage Storage in London

Most of us struggle with a bunch of luggage questions whenever it’s time to travel. Should you buy traditional cases or tamper-proof bags? Do the types of locks you use matter? What about luggage storage in London? Can you trust facilities like London’s Luggagehero?


There are numerous things to consider when the security of your personal effects is in question. Incidences of lost or ruined luggage is an issue that’s on the rise regardless of the means of travel.


It is common human behavior to want to take the easy way out, which means throwing everything into a sturdy suitcase and locking it using a padlock we deem secure. Then we leave everything to fate as we move through stopovers. But, this brings about an unnecessary risk that can be easily averted.


Choosing to go the extra mile may seem like a daunting and overwhelming task. After all, there are more important things to give heed to, such as visas, recommended immunizations, and personal safety tips while traveling.


However, after much research, we have come up with five amazing tips to help you improve the security of your luggage storage in London. Read on to find out more.


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Luggage Storage in London Tips

Use Tamper-Proof Bags


Before you begin your journey, make sure you have the right bags for your trip. They might just be what you need to keep thieves at bay as you meander through ports and stations.


Criminals today come equipped with discreet tools and skills to access luggage. For example, they can easily puncture zippers. Therefore, it is up to us to stay a step ahead of these devious minds.


You can purchase bags that are manufactured using tamper-resistant technology to ensure the security of your bags. Those that use hasps instead of zippers, feature antifreeze puncture zippers, or are simply anti-slash are excellent choices.


Also, consider the materials your suitcases are made from. Opt for tamper-proof bags made to be tough and sturdy to deter thieves who might try to cut or break into your luggage.


Invest in Proper Locks


Go for locks that are thick to deter cutting. Heavy-duty locks come highly recommended. And if you can find one, buy a padlock with some degree of lock pick resistance capability.


Zip ties are an excellent way of making sure your bags are not tampered with. Use colored zip locks as black and white ones are common and can easily be replaced. If you notice a cable tie missing or suspect the color combination to be changed during storage or transit, inform a security officer immediately.


Make Use of Left Luggage Facilities


There are numerous service providers offering luggage storage in London. These Left luggage services are mostly found at major points like Kings Cross Station, Heathrow Airport, and Greenwich Pier. However, the globe is adapting, and such storage solutions are available in several countries in the world.


Left luggage is excellent if you are between trains and flights or if you’re waiting to embark on a cruise ship. The most significant advantage is you get to enjoy your time without the weight of your luggage. Which explains why they are immensely popular.


Nevertheless, you can book Left luggage storage online in advance and just drop off your bags when you arrive. Their services are charged depending on the amount of time you require to store your bags.


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Decorate Your Bag


When we say decorate your bag, we do not mean it in the traditional sense. Rather, you need to find a way to make your luggage stand out, which makes it easy to identify.


You can buy a suitcase with a unique print, use tags, or decorate it with items such as bright orange string. This makes it difficult for opportunistic thieves to get away with your bag since it stands out.


Track Your Suitcase


Thanks to technology, you can keep track of your luggage as you transit through with relative ease. Tracking devices are an innovation we can use to accomplish this task. There are hundreds of manufacturers and retailers who sell all sorts of trackers.


You can install an app on your mobile device to help you keep tabs. And you will appreciate it more in the event your luggage goes missing in transit or from storage.


Therefore, if your budget allows it, invest in a tracking device to keep an eye on your bags as you attend meetings or explore Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, the Palace of Westminster, or the London Eye.


Luggage Safety Tips While Traveling


Every day, people travel through London with valuable property they cannot afford to lose, such as expensive digital devices or documents that contain tons of personal information. Thus, protecting your luggage as you embark on your journey is vital.


In summary, do not let your trip get ruined by lost or damaged luggage. Invest in tamper-proof bags, good locks, and secure luggage storage in London. Here, prevention surely is better than cure. 


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