Improve Your Mental Health by Taking a Vacation

Guest post written by Alexandra Arcand


We live in a busy world. It seems at times to never stop. But the constant hustle and bustle of daily life can sometimes begin to take its toll. Eventually, you may find yourself looking for ways to improve your mental health.


Going, going, going continuously can be an easy way to burn yourself out. You may find yourself acting more irritable, losing interest in things you once enjoyed, or even sleeping poorly.


All these signs and more may mean it’s time for you to take a getaway and recharge your mind.


You may enjoy a tropical vacation, or even something adventurous. But you don’t have to take a long and extended trip if you don’t want to. Sometimes something as simple as a quick road trip can be enough to get you back on track. 


Hopping in a car with your friends or significant other for a couple of days can be more therapeutic than you realize. As long as your car is insured with an option like no fault insurance, you can hit the road and release some stress.


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Improve Your Mental Health

Overworking Leads to Burnout


We live in a world where everyone wants to get ahead. That’s no secret. Many people believe they can achieve their goals by working continuously until they reach them.


Though this may sound good in your head, it’s an easy way to push yourself toward burnout. 


With side effects like depression and anxiety, poor food consumption, lack of water intake, and minimal exercise, overworking can lead you to a very dark place mentally. 


Allowing your mental health to deteriorate under the weight of burnout only leads to potentially worse situations. That’s why it’s important to recognize if you aren’t feeling like yourself and make an effort to improve your mental health by taking a break from the stress.


Travel Benefits Your Mental Health


Traveling is an amazing experience in many ways. Through it, you can see new destinations, even if you didn’t have to go long distances to get there.


Travel also allows you to escape and provides a chance to break away from the normal routine and try new experiences.


There are many benefits to travel — one of them being the amazing effects on your mental health.


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Reduce Stress


There are many things in our daily lives that can cause us stress, and reducing stress is vital if you want to improve your mental health.


Since most people are typically in a routine, there is already knowledge that stress inducers will be waiting throughout the day. This knowledge can cause stress before the actual stressor even presents itself.


Taking a getaway and removing the stressors from your daily routine can definitely improve your mental health. Knowing you won’t have to encounter mentally exhausting situations while you are away can do wonders at reducing stress.


Boost Happiness


The idea of seeing a new place and doing things that aren’t your normal routine can boost your happiness levels significantly.


Just the idea that you won’t have to worry about working or being anywhere on time can allow you to feel much happier and relaxed.


This in turn can reduce feelings of depression and anxiety, which can help you return back to your daily life after your trip in a much better mental state.


Even after you return from your vacation, the photos and memories you made can still bring you feelings of happiness once you get back in the swing of normal life.


Build Self-Confidence


When you become burnt out, you can tend to feel as though you may not deserve to take a trip in the first place. This can stem from the feelings of depression and anxiety burnout may produce.


Pushing through those feelings and taking the trip anyway can allow you to come back with a much stronger sense of self-confidence.


Reduced stress and boosted happiness can be a great reminder of how worthy and deserving you are of many things in life.


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Deciding to Hit the Road


After all those positives, you’ve decided a vacation is the perfect solution for a little mental health boost. But before you go, there are a few things to make sure you take care of in order to have a smooth and stress-free trip.


Insurance Coverage


With many travel options available, you should be sure you have coverage no matter what kind of getaway you choose to take. After all, feeling ill-prepared will not improve your mental health.


Road Trip


You may want to hit the open road and do a little exploring for your trip. This can be a fun and exciting way to see a few different places in one vacation as well as have a great bonding experience with your companion.


You’ll want to make sure you’re covered for this getaway with the right car insurance. You likely already have an insurance policy in place. However, it may not suffice for your big adventure.


Making a call to your insurance agent and discussing options such as roadside assistance to cover you just in case something happens on the road can alleviate possibly stressful situations and keep your trip running as smoothly as possible.


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If your travel plans take you beyond where a car can manage, you may want to consider travel insurance for your trip.


The amount of stress this coverage can relieve is worth every penny. Travel insurance will cover you for unexpected occurrences such as trip cancellations, trip delays, lost baggage, and even emergency medical needs.


By setting yourself up with travel insurance ahead of time, you can be sure your trip won’t cause you more stress than if you simply would have stayed home.


Avoid Adding Extra Stress


A vacation may be meant to bring you relaxation and improve your mental health, but if you make choices to cause yourself more stress, you won’t end up feeling much better than you did before you left. 


Here are some surefire ways to cause yourself more stress while traveling:


Overbooking yourself – It’s hard to relax when you have a constant string of activities lined up. It may be tempting to book tours or events while you are traveling, but it is also an easy way to make your relaxing trip stressful.


You will be continuously worried about being where you need to be on time, and you won’t actually get much downtime. Instead, try booking one or two things you know you really want to do, and play the rest by ear.


Still attempting to work – Though it can be hard to let yourself leave work behind, it’s important to do so. Not taking a real break from your job can cause you to be just as stressed as if you were actually there. It’s important to unplug, take some memorable photos and enjoy your trip.


Not letting yourself relax – This could seem obvious since the whole point of a trip is to relax. However, many people find it difficult to actually let themselves relax while traveling.


Thinking too much about what could be happening at home or work while you’re away can take all the fun out of travel. 


Take the Trip & Reap the Benefits


Life brings a lot of stress. It’s vital to allow yourself some time to relax, unwind, and recharge. Doing so can improve your mental health, leave you feeling refreshed, and make you feel ready to come back and tackle anything life may throw at you.


Alexandra Arcand writes and researches for the insurance comparison site,, and is a strong advocate for mental health. She also enjoys traveling to new and exciting destinations.


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