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Our pets are treasured and loved members of our family, and some of us want to show our love for them by spoiling them and showering them with gifts. Easter is another perfect opportunity to treat your furry friend. Here are some ideas for Easter gifts for pets that you can choose from to indulge your fur babies.


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Easter Gifts for Pets

Sweet Treats


Traditionally many of us will give chocolate as a gift at Easter time, but chocolate is highly toxic to animals and should not be fed to them. However, pet food companies have developed pet-friendly Easter eggs for pets.


These fun treats are made with carob, a shrub in the legume family with edible pods similar in taste to cocoa. Carob can be given to most animals. If you have small pets such as mice or hamsters, you can buy Easter eggs made from yogurt powder.


Spoil your rabbit with a dandelion leaf Easter egg, your cat with a yogurt and catnip one, and your dog with a peanut butter and carob egg.


Perfect Portrait


A picture perfect Easter gifts for pets is a portrait made of your pet or a family photo of your pet with the whole family. You could dress up in Easter-themed clothes such as Spring bonnets or bunny ears.


Look for a local photographer who specializes in pet portraits and ask them to get snap-happy with your furry family member. Alternatively, you could buy a beautiful piece of art as a tribute to your pet -pretend it’s a gift for them.


Look online or at your local art gallery or gift store for a unique piece of art – they even have posters for cats that you can hang above your kitty cat’s bed.


Easter Basket


Your pet’s cute face will light up if you present them with a basket full of Easter treats during the holiday season. Buy a hamper basket or decorated box and fill it with lots of exciting treats. Line the basket with a soft sleeping blanket or a towel to use when your pet needs a wash.


Look for online stores that will embellish these items with your pet’s name or initials. If you have a rabbit or guinea pig as a pet, you could use hay or straw as the lining for the hamper. Load the basket with your pet’s favorite treats and toys, wrap it in cellophane and tie it up with a big ribbon.


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Terrific Toys


There is a range of themed Easter gifts for pets you can buy. Your dog will love to chew on a squeaky rubber chicken or cuddle and then tear apart a fluffy stuffed bunny toy.


For dogs who enjoy using their brains and nose, buy a bunny hide and seek dog toy, a large fabric carrot filled with lots of squeaky toy rabbits that they can nuzzle and pull out through one of the many holes in the carrot. They will also enjoy fetching a ball-shaped like a decorated easter egg.


Cats are known to go crazy for catnip, so for your favorite kitty’s Easter holiday gift, you could buy them some fabric carrots or eggs filled with the euphoria-inducing plant. Kitties who love to chase things will appreciate a wind-up chicken toy that will run across the floor.


Arrange an Easter egg hunt for your dog by hiding carob eggs and canine treats around the house or in your garden and let your mutt sniff them out. If you have young children, they will enjoy participating in the search.


An Easter Outfit


Your pet might not appreciate it, but your heart will swell when you see them dressed up in an Easter outfit. You and your cat can dress up together like a chicken and an egg with special Easter hats. Bunny ear headbands make every animal look super cute – they will even fit your pet pony.


Dress up your boy mutt for Easter lunch with a smart Easter bow tie or bandana and your little princess pooch with an elaborate bonnet and floaty dress.


Made with Love


Nothing shows how much you care more than making a gift for your loved one. If you are talented in the kitchen, you can make your pet some culinary treats. Whip up some carrot muffins filled with applesauce and cinnamon or carrot and apple bunny-shaped biscuits made with coconut flour instead of wheat flour for your dog. Decorate your treats with cream cheese in place of frosting.


Bake some delectable catnip and carrot snack for your kitty by combining flour, oil, egg, carrot, and dried catnip, make into a dough, cut into Easter-themed shapes, and baked until firm.


Small pets like rodents and rabbits will be thrilled with a large dish of shredded fruit and vegetables, or you can make cookies for them by mixing puréed carrot and banana with honey, oats, and ground-up rabbit pellet food.


These are just some of the many things you can do to express your love for your fur babies this season. The ideas for Easter gifts for pets presented here can be modified for any occasion. So, go ahead. Spoil your baby. They deserve it!

Carissa Shuman

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