Essential Pieces in a Workout Wardrobe When Traveling

If you’re like most people around the beginning of a new year, you’ve probably got some resolutions that have something to do with getting in shape and/or traveling more. If you’re new to the exercise game, you might not quite have what you need for a full-fledged workout. That’s okay — we’ve got you covered. Take a look at all of the essential pieces you’ll need for a proper workout wardrobe whether you’re home or traveling abroad.


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Workout Wardrobe: 7 Essentials

1. Sneakers


If you don’t already own comfortable sneakers, it’s time to get a pair that you can work out in. From running shoes to basketball sneakers to trainers, whichever way you go, you’ll be able to both work out in them and travel in them comfortably. If you aren’t sure what you need, then the following tips can be useful to bear in mind when shopping for your new pair of sneakers.


Firstly, you should think about the fit. Make sure to find a pair that provides you with at least ½ inch of space at the front and 1/8 at the back to avoid blisters, and always try the shoes on before you start working out. Take your time to shop around the different brands, as some shoes offer slightly more cushioning than others and are more lightweight.


The right shoes can have an effect on your workout performance by being perfectly designed for a certain type of exercise, such as running. If you center your workout in the gym around the treadmill, finding running shoes might benefit you more than a different type of shoe. 


Bear in mind; you will likely need to break your sneakers in, so make sure also to purchase some great quality socks to make the breaking-in process much kinder on your feet.


2. Leggings


Leggings might just be a permanent staple in our lives. Leggings have been gaining traction over the past few years as a favorite item for more than just working out. They have been popping up at grocery stores, banks, and post offices across the country.


Leggings are truly the perfect garment for working out — they’re breathable, stretchy, and comfortable. Get yourself a few pairs to take on your next exercise challenge or simply for strolling through airport security in a breeze.


3. Tank Top or T-Shirt


A breathable top like a tank top is a must-have if you’re going to be doing any kind of strenuous activity. Get yourself an assortment of colors and styles so you always look your best whenever you’re working out.


When picking out your t-shirts, although you might be tempted to go for tops that look cute or look stylish, you should always focus on practicality first. For example, take the time to pick the right fabric for your tops. Polyester-based materials are better at keeping you cool and dry as they wick away the sweat easily. A cotton t-shirt will not allow this to happen.


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4. Shorts


Being at the gym and working up a sweat means you need clothes that hang loosely on your frame to avoid overheating your body. That’s why most people wear shorts when they work out. Get a pair that allows you to move freely through your workout (or your latest travel destination) and you’ll be able to do what you need to do during your session.


5. Headband


If you’ve got long hair, you might want to consider wearing a headband to hold your hair back while you’re working out. Headbands also catch the sweat and keep it from falling down your face, so if you’re the type that sweats a lot, a headband could be a good solution.


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6. Hoodies


Leaving the gym at night might leave you a little chilly, so grab yourself a nice, warm hoodie to throw on after your workout. Not only are they great after a gym session, but hoodies are also ideal for traveling. Champion offers a variety of colors that are sure to complement your workout or travel wear. Now you can wear practical clothing and look great at the same time. 


7. Jogger Pants


Not a fan of shorts or leggings? Jogger pants are another option. They’ve become a popular choice for teens and young adults. Get yourself a hoodie and matching jogger pants if you really want to go all the way with this look. The great thing about jogger pants is that they can increase your body heat, which might help you to burn more calories as you will sweat more. In addition, if you pick the right fabric, you can ensure that this sweat is wicked away.


Preparing for Your Workout


Preparing for a workout means finding the perfect pieces for your workout wardrobe. From leggings and jogger pants to headbands and hoodies, there’s a lot you need to get if you want to complete your look before heading out of the house for your workout or on your next great adventure.

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