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Let’s talk a little bit about traveling. Everybody loves traveling, even if it’s just a weekend trip. But if you want to travel abroad, you need to get a visa for each person in your group and be aware of travel restrictions. And you probably want to be able to get visas fast.


If you have a vacation, the best way to spend the time is to go somewhere abroad and learn about new cities and the culture of other countries.


While many countries are closed, there are lots of different, less popular destinations that you can visit. There are pros and cons of traveling right now, but there is one big pro that you need to know: there are currently less people at most tourist attractions. Seriously!


Many people are afraid of going somewhere while there is still a health crisis, so, for example, you can spend really great days in Venice without crowds of people. And trust me, this can be the best travel in your entire life, because at other times you’ll not be able to see Venice or Berlin or other cities without hundreds of thousands of tourists.


As international travel looks to be in sight, travel still has its set of problems—visas being the chief amongst many. 


Harassed by unsolicited calls, get visas fast


Get Visas Fast


During these times, it’s very hard to get a visa safely. Up until now, travelers either spent several hours, or even days, procuring visas themselves or using a local visa agent.


Lots of different documents are needed for the process of obtaining a visa. You need to go to the embassy several times. And imagine if you live in a small city or village? You need to go each time to a bigger city where the embassy is. The former is extremely time consuming and the latter, very expensive. For a long time, everybody has been searching for a solution that’s fast and affordable.  


And now everything has changed since the Atlas app came to the market. Atlas is a new app that completely automates getting a visa. All you need to do is scan your passport, provide a few details such as destination and travel dates, and Atlas will do the rest.


As simple as that. In as little as 60 seconds, you will get a complete visa application along with all ancillary requirements and an appointment scheduled. 


I used Atlas to get a Schengen visa for Germany. Previously, this was a 7-hour process to do manually. It took me just under 5 minutes to get it done on Atlas.


You can use Atlas to get a visa for many countries. Atlas has a wide range of many popular destinations, like Austria, China, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Monaco, Nepal, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Turkey.


In addition to the many countries already included on the Atlas app, they are constantly adding new countries. So, if you are going somewhere not on the list, email them and they will help you with your visa for free.


Over 80 percent of information across all visa applications is the same and Atlas gets better each time you use it because it saves and reuses your information automatically. For instance, I got my Turkey e-visa in 30 seconds on Atlas. 


5 really good questions


What does Atlas do?

Visa Requirements


No one likes browsing government websites to figure out visa requirements. The best part about Atlas is that you don’t have to—all requirements are abstracted away and you just have to follow steps on the app to get a visa. It’s like playing a game!


Visa Forms


Atlas will fill in all visa forms for you, and even submit them if necessary. This is a huge time-saver because I no longer have to waste my time finding these forms and filling in the same details every time I travel.




This was my favorite. Atlas shows a list of available slots and, to schedule a visa appointment, I just had to select the time that worked best for me. It figured out all the other details such as finding the nearest embassy to my home. 


Mobile Notary


Some countries require that you get your applications notarized. Usually, this takes a lot of time because you have to find a Notary Public, and go there in person. But on Atlas, I was able to connect with a Notary Public over video instantly, and get a digital notary seal upon identity verification.


Passport Photos


You take a selfie on Atlas, and then pick up photos at a Walgreens near you or have them delivered to your home. Their software fits the photo in the mandated dimensions and cross references your photo against the guidelines.


Other Documents


Atlas does countless other documents for your visa application. From letting you pull bank statements to generating invitation letters. For instance, Germany requires that you get a signed “no-objection letter” from your employer.


This usually took 30 minutes to write on my own. Atlas made one for me, and let me send my supervisor a version to e-sign. Overall, I didn’t have to go to any other website to complete my visa application.


I used to dread getting visas but Atlas makes it a breeze to get visas fast. I can’t imagine traveling without it anymore. If you plan on going abroad in the near future, I would highly recommend checking out Atlas. 


Carissa Shuman

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