8 Cheap Places to Visit in Dubai for Low-budget Travelers

Are you planning a trip to Dubai? Whether it’s your first trip to this amazing country, or you travel there regularly, there are many must-see places to visit in Dubai.


Just to refresh your memory, in case it’s been a while, or give you ideas for how to enjoy your incredible vacation if it’s your first time traveling to Dubai, we have gathered some a short list of interesting places for you to add to your Dubai bucket list.


Read our suggestions of things to do and places to visit in Dubai, and start planning your next vacation right now!


Free things to do in Dubai


Places to Visit in Dubai

Aquarium and Underwater Zoo


This is a beautiful place where you can observe stunning sea life and enjoy tons of colorful fishes, sharks, and other sea creations.


It’s a great place to relax and take amazing photos that will remind you about Dubai after you’ve returned home. Please don’t forget to take your camera; excellent views and bright photos are guaranteed!


Laguna Waterpark


This is a wonderful new waterpark situated in La Mer that will provide tons of amazing impressions for you and your friends or family. To get cheaper tickets, it’s better to book them online using the park’s site.


Spend a whole day in splashes of water, enjoy tasty food and yummy ice cream, and get positive emotions as well as amazing photos!


Places to visit in Dubai, Al Fahidi district


Al Fahidi District


If you want to know more about Dubai history, it’s time to visit Al Fahidi District, which is full of various cafes, museums, restaurants, and other interesting places you can visit without spending a lot of money.


This district’s cozy and narrow streets are filled with an old history. Visit the Dubai Museum and XVA Art Hotel where you can enjoy a traditional tea for breakfast. Fill your vacation with a touch of Arabian history!


Al Seef on Dubai Creek


This is a new destination with many restaurants and shops where you can experience a wonderful time. 


Al Seef on Dubai Creek is a 1.8 km-long strip that is divided into two various regions: the modern side, with contemporary buildings, and another side as a model of Dubai, with narrow streets and old buildings.


The entry is free, so you can spend a day there to feel the atmosphere of Dubai and buy souvenirs for your relatives.


TEP Factor


If beach rest and museum excursions seem too trivial to you, try to accept more “action” challenges and visit the TEP factor. This is a series of 21 tasks that should be passed by a team of 2-6 people.


You will need team skills, brains, and many other abilities to overcome balancing tests, various puzzles, feats, mind-bending tasks, and other challenging quizzes. Spend your vacation interestingly and make it unforgettable with mental, team-working, cooperative, and physical tasks!


Marina Dubai


Dubai VR Park


There is no doubt that everybody loves computer games. Visit the VR park at the Dubai Mall and enjoy 18 attractions that will take you to space, to the future, and to a virtualized Dubai.


The entry is free and the tickets for games are not expensive. A little hint: buy a Real Cinemas ticket and you will automatically get a 50 percent discount for all the rides and areas.


Enjoy unbelievable games that will take you to the fantasy world. Great impressions and a lot of adrenaline are guaranteed!


Love Lake


If you are looking for something romantic and beautiful, then visit the heart-shaped Love Lake situated in the Al Qudra area. This is a beautiful place where you can find many other man-made lakes that look like a wonderful oasis.


Amazing views, wonderful fish, and birds will fill your heart with positive emotions and great memories. A visit to Love Lake and other parts of this area is free of charge.


You only need to rent a car or take a taxi to get to Al Qudra, and it won’t cost you a lot at all. It’s a great idea to come here at sunset, spend a romantic night, or go for a whole day with a family.


Places to visit in Dubai, dancing fountain


Dancing Fountains


Fountains in Dubai are quite a popular attraction for tourists. Located near Burj Khalifa, these amazing musical fountains will give you unforgettable emotions and great memories. It’s free to watch an amazing light show every day.


You can come and see two shows in the afternoon, or wait till the evening and enjoy incredible fountains at night. For those people who want something really special, we suggest taking a ride on a boat to see the fountains closer. 


Visiting the fountains is a popular tour for many tourists in Dubai that costs little, but can bring amazing memories and bright photos.


Dubai is a beautiful country that has many places to visit, depending on your taste and budget. Of course, when you have to get from one place to another, it’s better to rent a car using this online platform: https://evolve.ae.


Even if you travel on a small budget, now you have a pile of great places to visit in Dubai! We wish you a wonderful trip.


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