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If you plan on traveling, but can’t find a companion for the trip, that’s okay. Traveling by yourself can be just as exciting and interesting.


There are many fears and stereotypes associated with such trips, but instead of being afraid and sitting at home, it is better to prepare thoroughly for the journey and go on an adventure.


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Traveling by Yourself – What You Need to Know

Take Care of Your Safety


The main concern for those who travel by themselves is safety. But traveling alone doesn’t have to involve many risks. Before you leave, tell your friends or family what you are going to do and where you want to go, or better yet, make a detailed travel plan so that they know where you are likely to be and on what day.


And even if you want to take a break from everyone, it’s worth taking the time once a day to call or text friends and family to let them know you’re okay.


When choosing a place to stay, it’s a good idea to read reviews and find out what area the hotel or hostel you choose is in. If you use a couch-surfing service, check the reviews of the host you want to stay with, or check their social media profiles.


Hostels and hotels do not skimp on having safes available for rent. It is safer and more secure to keep your money in a safe deposit box than just trying to hide it.


If you’re worried about someone entering the room without your knowledge, you can take special gadgets, such as a doorstop or a pendant alarm, that make a loud sound when someone outside tries to open the door of your room.


When you go out, tell the staff where you’re going. They’re sure to be friendly and make sure you return. On walks, if you need to see a map, it is better not to stop in the middle of the street with it, but go to the nearest store or stall.


Pickpockets consider confused tourists easy targets. For the same reason, it is better to try not to dress like a tourist (for example, do not wear t-shirts with the name of the city you’re visiting) and, if possible, don’t stand out in a crowd.


It is better to take a shoulder bag when you go out—it will be harder to rip—and don’t keep money and valuables in the back pockets of your jeans or pants.


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Study the Place You Are Visiting


Any tourist tries to take a closer look at the place he or she is planning to visit. But for a solo traveler, it’s doubly important. It’s worth finding out in advance where you’re going to be staying, which parts of town are not safe to go to alone, where you can walk peacefully, which cab service to use, what the situation is with public transportation, and whether a solo tourist can safely walk around the city in the evening.


If you are going to the city for the first time, you should study it thoroughly. Use a map to see the places you want to visit and try to remember the way to your hotel. The more confident and relaxed you feel on the streets when you walk along familiar routes, the less you will look like a tourist and will not attract the attention of intruders.


Before the trip, it is worth exploring social networks. On Instagram and Facebook, you can look at the profiles of people living in the city which you are interested in visiting, and see the places they go. In this way, you can find the routes, cafes, and bars that tourists don’t see and that locals love.


Social networks can be even more useful than popular services like TripAdvisor. In the city’s Facebook groups, you can see if there are any interesting events in town when you arrive and what you should check out. It’s also worth finding out if your friends and family know anyone there. An extra contact for emergencies in a foreign country never hurts.


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Get Ready to Spend More


When traveling alone, you should be prepared for the fact that the trip might cost more than if you were traveling with someone else. A hotel room for one person is usually more expensive than half the room for two, and you cannot split the cost of food, cabs or car rent—you will have to pay for everything yourself.


The main issue in a solo trip is safety, so it is best not to underestimate the money needed. Choose a convenient daytime flight, so as not to find yourself alone in a foreign city in the middle of the night.


Don’t be more concerned with saving on a hotel or hostel than making sure you’re staying in a quiet, safe area. It’s also worth budgeting for security contingencies. Arrange a shuttle from your hotel instead of taking the bus, and be prepared to use a cab instead of walking through an unsafe neighborhood in the evening.


Take Less Stuff With You


Try not to take too much because you’ll have a heavy suitcase or bag to carry everywhere by yourself, without anyone else’s help. Besides, the less stuff you have, the faster you can move around the city.


It is especially important in dangerous and uncomfortable situations. For the same reason, it is worth giving preference to comfortable shoes and taking at least a pair of sneakers on a trip.


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Meet New People, But Be Careful


Just because you’re traveling by yourself doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time alone. If you want to, you can and should meet new people when you travel.


You can get acquainted in traditional ways, or you can find interesting people on social networks of the city you are going to be visiting. Get acquainted with them online, and when you arrive, arrange a personal meeting.


Do not forget about caution. The most interesting and pleasant interlocutors are crooks. So, be careful and do not rush to trust strangers. Besides, it may be easier and safer to meet a small group of friends who are vacationing together than meeting with one or two people.


Traveling by yourself is not as scary as it may seem. Just follow these helpful tips and take lots of pictures so you can remember your solo-adventure.

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