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Life in a Van – 7 Challenges You May Face and How to Make the Most of Them

The reality of van life is that it is not always rosy and bright. At times, things may go wrong, and you need to face the challenges that life throws at you. Luckily, you can check out to know more about life in a van. 


However, before you embark on this adventure, note the challenges that may come your way and how you can deal with them.


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Life in a Van 

Your Home on Wheels May Breakdown 


Driving thousands of kilometers in a 10-year or older van doesn’t come without its problems. Since your home is your conveyance, it can be very vulnerable to outside elements or multiple mechanical failures. 


Remember, you may experience hard times due to mechanical issues. If your van is not brand new and you visit remote locations, encountering engine issues or breakdowns without access to a mechanic nearby can be a bummer. So, before you get aboard the van life, make sure that you hone your mechanical skills well.


After all, once you are continuously on the road in your van, it is your hands that you must rely on because you may not always get professional help to get you through strange repairs or incidents.


Lack of Free Camping  


If you are in thickly populated urban areas, free camping may become a difficult task. You may not always find parks or isolated lands for your camping. So, if you are serious about living life in a van, do some homework and research before you take off on this journey. 


RV parks, Walmarts, and rest stops are good options if you have not thought of a solid and safe place to get some sleep.


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Keep Your Devices Powered 


In this digital world, you depend a lot on your devices and gadgets. Now, what will you do without being able to charge them before driving through the middle of nowhere? Fortunately, travel adapters can help you to charge your devices in your van. 


You cannot completely rely on your van battery to get power for your laptop, mobiles, and cameras. Hence, don’t miss a chance to charge your gadgets whenever you find a place (a café, gym, library, etc.).


If you forget to charge your mobile, you may end up spending the night without browsing the internet or updating your status on Facebook.


Cleanliness and Hygiene Issues


You will smell bad at times because you will not always get a relaxing warm wash in an isolated paradise. Sometimes, a jump in a cold lake or a quick wipe shower will be your only options.


The lack of a bathroom can become a big issue, mainly if you are a female. However, you can stock some extra water bottles and hand sanitizers along with a sponge in your van to use in the absence of a proper bathing place. Don’t they say something is always better than nothing?


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Test Time for Your Relationship


Maybe it is romantic and beautiful to spend time with your partner in a van, but it is not always how it sounds. Living around the clock with your other half in a tiny space can be annoying at times. 


Without the interruptions of work, interests, and friends, you will be spending more alone time together than you ever did before.  


Here, the solution is to find the right balance and make sure that you squeeze in some “me time.” Also, work out exciting ways to enjoy your space and do your own thing so that you do not drive each other nuts. 


The Weather Can Be Hard on You


When you embark on this life in a van, you need to understand that the weather will not be the same at all times since you will be moving around. Hence, stay calm and composed in times of thunderstorms and equally cool when you experience the scorching sunny weather.


The best thing to do is accept and adapt to the change. If you have planned a hiking activity at a destination, and the weather there is not friendly, you should make peace with reality and move on.


In such unsatisfactory times, you should be calm, or you may end up making your best friend your worst enemy, simply because things didn’t go as you wanted them to.


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Your Work May Suffer


One thing that can totally stress you out in van life is the lack of a reliable internet connection in some places. If you have an urgent presentation or video call in the middle of nowhere, no internet or a sketchy connection can literally throw a wrench in your smooth workings. But, if you hustle a bit and plan your schedules according to deadlines when traveling, you can overcome this challenge.


To sum up, once you keep the challenges of living in a van in mind, you can make your life in a van more beautiful, and you can last longer on the road.

Carissa Shuman

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