The Impact of Sports Betting Technology on Travelers

Online sports betting is an attractive prospect for traditional bettors, given that getting out to the bookies in the middle of varying global restrictions is a bit of a headache. New sports betting technology is also making it a safer option.


It’s been around forever, but if you’re new to it – or just plain uncomfortable with placing large bets on the internet – it can be daunting.


Obviously, the internet can be fraught with additional risks, and everyone’s got a story about a friend who got hacked and lost everything.


Luckily, bookies are moving with the times. They’re under pressure from commissions and licensing bodies in many countries to make use of the latest technology.


Such technology has been developed to keep your money safe, to keep the odds legit, and to protect customers from spending beyond their means. Here are just some of the ways technology is improving sports betting


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Sports Betting Technology

“Know Your Customer”


Know Your Customer technology keeps the fraudsters out and detects problem betting. Many reputable online odds-makers rely on Know Your Customer checks to verify player identities before they ever place a bet.


This can involve checking IDs like passports, driver’s licenses, or utility bills, and might be carried out at sign-up or before winnings collection.


If you get approached to complete a Know Your Customer check, don’t be concerned – they’re becoming increasingly routine.


Verifying identities has the clear benefit of reducing the chance of fraudulent betting, but also helps bookies track potential problem gamblers, which reduces customer harm and may prevent people from betting beyond their means. This is especially vital when placing bets online is so easy!


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Bet From the Safety of Your Home


Not quite the direct technological improvement like the rest of the items featured on this list, but a significant one nonetheless.


Almost everything in life is better when you can do it from the comfort and safety of your own couch, and sports betting is no different.


Place bets from a laptop, phone, or tablet, all whilst avoiding handling actual cash and staying away from potentially seedy clientele. It’s a win-win.


This is doubly important now we’re all going through health-related restrictions and confinements. Stay socially distanced, bet at home! If you want to get started, SportsBookReview has a list of betting sites to begin with.



Sites Are Safer Through Advanced Encryption


If a gambling site is taking your safety seriously, they’ll have an SSL certificate. This basically confirms to the player that their data will be encrypted as it’s sent back and forth.


Without encryption, data is usually sent as plain text, which means details like passwords, bank cards and bets placed would be immediately visible to anybody with the means to eavesdrop.


This is obviously a massive risk when dealing with bank information, so keep an eye out for that SSL certificate! Some websites are using bitcoin and blockchain technology to further increase security.


Bitcoin allows players to bet without sharing their bank details directly with the website, which may be a preferable option for players uncomfortable with sharing that information.


Blockchain enables more accurate ledger-keeping and keeps odds transparent in online casinos, making sure whatever you’re playing for, you’re getting fair treatment.


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See Your Spending and Set Your Limits


Gambling safety isn’t just about the looming threats of hacking, fraud, or theft. It’s much easier to spend money on the internet – it’s convenient, you can do it anywhere, and it’s just a few clicks away.


Many reputable websites will give players the option to set deposit limits or even exclude themselves entirely if they feel they need to, preventing them from spending over their budget if they feel a problem arises.


This isn’t a magic fix-all solution for problem gamblers, as it does require some input from the player in the first place. Nevertheless, it remains a solid indicator that a site is looking out for your wellbeing, and should certainly be reassuring for anybody concerned about spending too much.


These are just some of the ways technology is making betting safer. As the industry moves forward, it’s making use of new tools to keep players safe from fraud, account compromisation, and overspending.


It can be daunting, sure – but as long as you’re security savvy with current sports betting technology, make sure the sites you use are licensed, properly encrypted, and performing Know Your Customer checks, the only risk you’ll be taking is the odds one such option is S188wins

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