How Much Does A Silver Screen Staycation Cost?

Every year, billions of dollars are spent on vacations in the U.S. One option rising in popularity is taking a silver screen staycation.


It makes sense that after several weeks or months of applying yourself to see a project executed, it is normal to take a short break from active duty.


Taking a break from work is not just about celebrating the wins but also has everything to do with recharging and breathing in fresh air for new ideas.


Vacations are also an opportunity to bond with your spouse and children, perhaps after a stretch of absence. There are diverse vacation options with extensive cost variations. Many people go all out to get the best vacation they can, even if it means paying up later.


Silver screen staycations are one of the most exciting vacation options, with more and more people jumping on the train of visiting their favorite movie scenes.


The opportunity to travel to a real-life movie setting is one that almost any of us will take with both hands if we can. Who wouldn’t want to travel to the Wakanda movie setting or Canto Bight of Star Wars for a staycation?


A staycation at real-life movie settings can be quite expensive but it’s definitely worth it if you can make it happen. And there are less expensive options.


To bring you closer to a much-fancied staycation in big-screen blockbusters settings, betway has compiled a list of some amazing settings and the estimated cost.


Here is a list of a few silver screen staycation destinations in order from the most expensive to the least expensive.




Silver Screen Staycations

Canto Bight


All lovers of Star Wars that watched the Last Jedi would undoubtedly want to see what Canto Bight looks like in close quarters. Well, that’s possible.


Canto Bight is situated in the coastal city on the planet of Cantonica. It is an amazing sight – golden and glamorous – to behold. If you are a casino lover, then it will interest you to know that Canto Bight has some of the most classy and best casinos in the world.


Staycation at this venue will cost a little over $300,000. This cost estimate is based on figures gathered from 5-star hotels in Monte Carlo, Monaco. This is indeed a huge outlay but it is worth it if you have the firepower.


Stanley Hotel, The Overlook Hotel, silver screen staycation


The Overlook Hotel


If you have watched The Shining, then you have an idea of what The Overlook Hotel looks like. The great thing is that there is much more to this place than seen in the movie.


Think about overseeing the amazingly beautiful Mountains in Colorado. Though it can be a scary place for a staycation, it has tons of space, amazing views, and tons of glamour, all of which make it irresistible for many.


Perhaps the most exciting part of this location is its seclusion in the winter, allowing visitors to take a break from the noise of the world – this is a big deal for me. The approximate cost of a staycation at this location is about $3,500. This is extremely or ridiculously cheap in comparison to Canto Bight.




The Los Angeles portrayed in Blade Runner by Ridley Scott hardly looks like the Los Angeles we know. In Blade Runner’s Los Angeles, Uber is nonexistent with hovercars taking the center stage. It is a more serene city. Staycation at this location is estimated to cost $2,000.


Nairobi, Wakanda, Africa




When Black Panther was released in February 2018, it brought a different feeling about cultural interactions. Chadwick Boseman, of blessed memory, and other casts did an excellent job.


Unique locations were featured in the movie. A staycation at Black Panther’s Wakanda is of great appeal to many, as revealed by a survey. Amazingly, it is a far cheaper option with an estimated cost of $1,500. That’s below half of what is required for The Overlook Hotel.


The cheap cost of a staycation at this location is not for the lack of beauty and fun. Big mountains, cascading waterfalls, natural scenery, and beautiful tropical forests among other beautiful sights offer amazing experiences.


It is most likely less expensive because it opened recently. Nairobi, Kenya seems to be the closest city to Wakanda hence the cost was estimated on this basis.


HOGSMEADE station, Goathland Station, silver screen staycation




This is the cheapest option on this list with an estimated cost of $1,200. However, it is an amazing place to be. The picturesque cottages and sumptuous Butterbeer of this magic city based in the Scottish Highlands are worthy experiences.


And visiting HOGSMEADE station (staged at Goathland Station located on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway in Scotland) should be on the list of top places for Harry Potter fans to visit.


So, if you’re wondering what you can do with your next vacation time, check out the silver screen staycations suggested here. 

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