Top Vacation Countries Currently Closed to Tourists

So many people want to see their favorite places again, to be able to tour the top vacation countries and be happy, away from the everyday stress and workload.


In the past, you could have gotten a visa at the snap of a finger and take that needed weekend break, or gone to see that spot you love the most in the world.


However, the sudden impact of widespread illness put a stop to these dreams in 2020. The usual vacation spots had to be shut down and the percentage decline in tourism and vacationing is unsurprisingly high. 


The current health concern has influenced a lot of restrictions on many things that used to be perfectly normal in the world. Countries all around the world enacted lockdown procedures and this move, in itself, changed the situation of the world.


Many countries are still taking serious measures regarding travel to ensure that unnecessary exposure to illness is avoided. Before the lockdowns began, there were several popular countries that people loved visiting for their vacations.


Although presently, the travel restrictions are gradually getting relieved, there are still restrictions on foreigners traveling for tourist purposes or vacations. It has been a long ride with these travel restrictions between countries in the world this year.


A lot of these countries have the best views and environments in which to tour and spend your vacation. These places are known for their glorious tourist attractions and excellent vacation experiences. However, they are not all currently available.


fairytale travel ideas, Eguisheim, France

Eguisheim, France


Top Vacation Countries – What You Need to Know About Travel Restrictions


France is one of the top vacation countries in the world with a record of 89 million tourists each year. France’s capital, Paris, fascinates a lot of tourists and is home to a monument that a lot of people long to see, the Eiffel Tower.


Fashion is also one of the many things that attract travelers to France. Tourism in France also amounts to about 9.7 percent of the country’s GDP and has been the source of employment for many in the country.


But as lockdown measures were taken, France had a decline of 90.78 percent in the number of travelers. There are still travel restrictions on the purposes for which people are traveling into France.


Some arrangements are being made to allow entry for education and other high priority reasons. However, tourism has still not risen on the priority scale for France.  


Valencia, Spain

Valencia, Spain



Spain is another one of the top vacation countries in the world and accounts for 83 million tourists each year. There is an even higher percentage that tourism contributes to the country’s economic standing.


Tourism in Spain accounts for 12 percent of the country’s GDP and 13 percent of the employment rate in the country. People who travel to Spain fall in love with different landmarks like the Alhambra, and certain cities like Barcelona and Madrid.


As recorded, the percentage decline in travelers is about 93.16 percent. Thousands of workers in the industry have also lost their jobs because of this decline. Spain has experienced waves of illness so there are still tight restrictions on entry into the country.


However, Spain aims to relieve the fear in people and promises great measures that will be taken to reduce the risk of foreigners contracting or spreading illness while vacationing. When the time comes, here are some recommendations for places to go to in Spain.


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Mexico has a lasting impact on travelers who cannot seem to take their eyes off of the cultural representations in the country. There is a lot of deep history and culture represented in many parts of Mexico.


This is a chief reason travelers love to spend their vacation in Mexico and consider it one of the top vacation countries. People visit places like Cancun, Mexico City, and Playa del Carmen to receive some cultural education.


Mexico also accounts for about 41 million visitors each year and, in 2019, the government brought about a strategy to boost tourism and improve workers’ conditions in the industry.


All of these plans were put on hold due to the lockdown. Mexico faces a 75.15 percent decline in the number of travelers.


Places to visit in the Bahamas, top vacation countries


The Bahamas

The Bahamas is a Caribbean country seemingly on the lips of every adventurous person. Its natural beauty attracts a lot of visitors from all over the world and is easily why it’s considered one of the top vacation countries.


It has a very vibrant tourism sector, on which the country is reliant, and it accounts for 20 percent of the country’s GDP. Something quite fascinating about The Bahamas is the number of beautiful aquariums that the country has.


For a country that is dependent on tourism, it is quite sad to see that it has a decline of about 84 percent in the number of current travelers.


Travel to Thailand in summer, Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand



People love Thailand for a lot of things, but especially for its delicious varieties of food. Thailand makes up the largest portion of travel in Southeast Asia, accounting for about 32.8 million visitors.


A lot of visitors go to Thailand just to taste excellent cuisines. Others travel there because going to Thailand is budget-friendly. And, while gambling isn’t legal in Thailand, tourists can enjoy different Thai online casinos.


Thailand is presently allowing just a few foreigners into the country. They have also experienced a lot of illness in parts of the country, so restrictions are still fully upheld.


Venice Italy, Europe on a Budget, top vacation countries



Italy is another location considered one of the top vacation countries. From St. Paul’s Cathedral to the Colosseum in Rome to the vineyards in Tuscany, and also to other favorite parts of Italy, the country can account for 62.8 million visitors.


Rome, alone, attracts 27 million visitors. Now, due to current world health concerns, Italy has been hit with a percentage decline of  93.89 percent in the number of travelers.


Italy has also experienced waves of illness which makes it much more important to continue restricting the movement of visitors in the country.


Being restricted from taking vacations in various countries due to the global health crisis has weighed on the economies of the world, and it is great that some of the top vacation countries are stepping up to see how they can get tourism right back on its tracks.

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