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Sailboat Charter In Greece – The Only Way To See The Islands

There are many ways to travel but when exploring island locations like those in Greece, it makes sense to travel by boat. Of course, you can always take a cruise. But for a more personal approach, you can charter a sailboat.


Greece is the “birthplace of civilization” with much of the western world founded on Ancient Greek culture. It is also a place of beauty with some of the most exquisite islands you can explore.


As such, a sailboat charter in Greece is highly popular, with many opting to either hire a boat and crew or sail themselves. That way they can spend their days on the sea before dropping anchor and exploring beautiful and unusual islands.


For more information, check out Click & Boat, and then take a deep dive into the most beautiful islands just off the Greek coast.


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Getting Around Greece By Sailboat Charter 


Once you have arranged a sailboat charter in Greece, it is time to take to the sea. There are around 6,000 islands and inlets to explore across the Aegean and Ionian Seas.


Of these, only 227 are inhabited. They are quite diverse. Some of the islands offer sandy beaches while others have pebble beaches or dark-colored sand. And some are dotted with coastal caves, sheltered bays, or coves.


Many have been used in films, TV shows, and featured in books. Kefalonia, for example, was where the book and film, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin was set.


As you can imagine, these little islands are very popular in the summer months, and many tourist-driven businesses have sprung up to cater to this market.


You’ll find plenty of refreshments and places to eat scattered across the inhabited islands. Some islands you can visit in a day, others take time to explore and are worth spending more than a day or two to do so.


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Sailboat Charter In Greece – Islands You Don’t Want To Miss



For soft golden sandy beaches, this island makes a good first stop on your voyage. The laid back vibe is popular with families and those that want to catch some sun and relax. 


You could easily find a nice, comfortable, calming spot to kick back and enjoy some local refreshments or simply read a good book.


In fact, when you step off your boat and enter the harbor, you are greeted with an array of restaurants and bars. However, if you’re in the mood to explore, Skiathos doesn’t disappoint.


The north of the island reveals more rugged but still beautiful landscapes. It makes a perfect place to hike and enjoy the natural environment.


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Paxos doesn’t have golden beaches but it is a great place to enjoy the entertainment scene. The local bars and cafes often feature jamming bands and a lively vibe.


It also boasts three harbor towns with Venetian architecture clearly present in the buildings. And if history is your thing, there’s a museum full of Paxos’ archeological finds and various examples of its cultural highlights throughout the years.


During the day many while away the hours by simply sipping something cool and watching the sailors pass by on their yachts. Who knows, you may end up passing by some of those admirers as you sail on to your next adventure.


Mediterranean Destinations




Care-free Hydra is known for its art scene with big-name artists put on exhibitions there. Keep in mind though, that since it is only two hours from Athens, it tends to get crowded on the weekends with those seeking to see the latest collections.


If your preferred art includes high-end home architecture, the horseshoe harbor is overlooked by mansions, one of which is an art school.


A walk through the waterfront is fascinating in and of itself. Donkeys and cats wander through the streets. Although there is no sand here, the arty culture and vibe are worth taking the time to explore. 


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Milos is a small volcanic island rising in popularity thanks to Instagram. Arguably, Milos with her dramatic coastline and 220 beaches is the perfect place for a selfie and the dramatic change in the landscape makes it ideal for exploring.


There are several reasons traveling by sea is a good idea, besides the sheer beauty of the Mediterranean. One benefit is having accommodations that provide you with more privacy than a regular hotel.


Another plus is that being outdoors and away from large groups of people for most of your trip is one recommended way to maintain your health.


The convenience of having your own mode of transportation means you won’t have to wait for a scheduled departure/arrival time or wait in long and possibly crowded lines just to embark or disembark.


Finally, the cost of arranging a sailboat charter in Greece, with adequate planning, could end up costing about the same as a Florida vacation. So, why not take to the water and explore the Greek islands as soon as you can?


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