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Short Term Rental Benefits For Travelers

If you are planning a vacation, one of your main concerns may be finding suitable accommodation that won’t break the bank. Aside from travel costs, choosing a hotel or short term rental certainly can be one of the most expensive parts of the trip.


While you may feel tempted to go the traditional route and opt for a guest house or a small hotel that hosts minimal luxuries, you could also consider short term rentals.


They offer a range of benefits, and are surprisingly affordable, especially with friends! You will be able to find furnished apartments for rent in Mississauga, as well as other popular locations with a simple internet search. 


However, if you aren’t entirely sold on the idea of a short term rental for your next vacation, the following benefits may help sway your mind. 


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Short Term Rentals For Business Or Leisure Travel

Hotel Quality For Less


Just because you are staying in a short term rental, doesn’t mean you are skipping out on luxury. In most cases, you will be able to find incredible furnished short term rentals for a fraction of the price of a five-star hotel stay.


Thes luxury amenities you can find in some short term rentals include spa baths, home movie theaters, pool tables, and many other facilities if you do your research. 


So, you see, rather than having to stretch your budget to allow for a fancy stay at a renowned hotel, you can opt for a rental that will provide the same level of lux without the excessive spend.


You can search for short term rentals on craigslist, among other sites. And you can use the extra cash you save for an even more memorable vacation experience!


short-term rental for travel


Absolute Privacy


One of the underrated downsides to staying in a hotel or a guest house while traveling is the lack of privacy that hardly anyone feels authoritative enough to point out.


From nagging room service to potentially rowdy room neighbors, booking a hotel is often not the best solution for those who enjoy absolute privacy. On top of this, if you do complain, more often than not, your concerns go unsolved.


The alternative of a short term rental means you will be able to enjoy the residence fully without disturbances from anyone. While you do have to do your own cleaning, it’s certainly worth the small sacrifice.




Most short term rentals provide tenants with appealing flexibility of stay, allowing them to stay for a decided period.


The benefit of flexibility means that you may even be able to extend your vacation stay without having to adjust your budget and overspend on accommodation.


This is perfect for those that may be working abroad or traveling for an extended period of time. On top of this, it’s often much easier to speak to the owner of a short term rental, than the many different receptionists at a hotel. 


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Various Options


Short term rental properties are by no means a new market for tenants and agents alike, as the option has been around for quite some time.


However, not everyone out there is aware of the possibility of renting a property for short periods. While you will likely be able to find these types of rentals in most areas, the vast options extend to property size as well.


Therefore, you will be able to find a short term rental large enough to host your family for a rewarding getaway or a minimalist bachelor pad suitable for solo travelers.


The immense options available means you will be able to find what you are looking for. From apartments and condos to full houses, the options are endless!


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Photo Breidenbacher Hof


A Comfortable Alternative


Even though a short stay in a luxury hotel room can be understandably rewarding, even five-star hotels are not the most comfortable spaces to be in for more extended periods.


This is because hotels lack homey elements and comforting touches. Therefore, the alternative of a furnished short term rental means you will be able to enjoy your vacation is complete comfort as though you are visiting a home away from home.


If you are in need of an extra blanket or towel, there is no need to call reception. Just walk on over to the cupboard. You will also be able to enjoy a full kitchen space and prepare decadent home-cooked meals which can save you even more money.


This is one experience that many hotels cannot offer travelers. And there are even more ways to reduce your vacation food budget.


When taking all of the above into consideration, it’s easy to see why short term rental are becoming increasingly popular choices.


Since they are more affordable, comfortable, and private, you can save money while still enjoying a great vacation.


On top of this, in a short term rental, you can stay close to your family and friends in the one apartment, rather than being spread out in different rooms of a hotel. 

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