The Joy of Making And Sharing Travel Plans

It is hard to watch others enjoy taking a trip when you are not able to do the same. But the truth is you can have fun helping them with their travel plans and relish in their journey even if you are not able to physically join them. 


You can still plan a trip for yourself too, even if it is for an unknown future time. It could even be years into the future but having that goal and making plans towards its fruition is what counts. 


Working towards your travel goals could include saving money towards the trip, planning the itinerary, or doing lots of reading about the destination. This could be the major trip of a lifetime and you can of course make smaller trips in the meantime.


In fact, at times when long, far away trips are just not possible, it is very satisfying to make small trips, even to small towns and villages nearby that you perhaps would not think of visiting.


 Think of it as a way to appease your wanderlust similar, like enjoying playing online casino games when you aren’t able to visit that grand casino in Las Vegas. 


There are times when we think “that’s it, I’ll never be able to travel again”. It can feel really depressing. However, there are ways that you can travel, including vicariously, and still get a lot of fun out of it.


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Travel Plans – The Joy of Making and Sharing Them

Share The Excitement of Travel With Your Friends


It is great to share our happy tidings with our friends. Conversely, it’s hard when you have exciting news and no one wants to hear about it.


Show some interest in your friend’s travel plans and holidays. Ask them about it, look through their photos, and listen to their travel stories. 


Unfortunately, we often focus on our own experiences and desires more than those of others. But you might be surprised at how you can really enjoy listening and learning about other people’s travels.


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Have an Atlas or Maps at the Ready 


Detail your own plans or try to get really involved in your friend’s travel plans. Ask them where they are going and follow their route on the map. You can learn about the different places they intend to stop.


Using maps to plan a trip is a great way to increase your geographical knowledge, to learn about the history of specific places and regions, and perhaps think about whether these are places you are interested in going to yourself.


You could look at their particular itinerary and see if that is what you would do if you were traveling. You can also compare these places to those that you have already been to and maybe advise your friends.


You can always add their itinerary to your travel bucket list. Or if you would go a different route, you can share that with your friend.


Make Sure to Keep in Touch 


Today we are lucky enough to be able to really keep in touch while we are traveling. Live trips are an amazing way to travel vicariously. 


Nearly everyplace nowadays has internet access and therefore most people do spend time online even when they are traveling.  People often access their Facebook pages or add photos to Instagram.


So, make a point of staying in touch with your friends while they are traveling. Just saying “Hi” may prompt them to post some great photos or descriptions of the things they are seeing and doing.


That way you get to share their experiences in Africa or Europe or wherever they happen to be. You could even ask your friends if they would be willing to start a blog about their travels.


Blogging is easy to set up and it’s a great way they can share their experiences, photos, and live stories as they happen.


A lot of people are really into documenting their travels this way and enjoy the whole process of sharing their adventures with others. A blog allows others to comment and make suggestions so it works both ways.


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Use Others’ Travel Plans and Trips as Research


Your friend’s travels can be very beneficial to you. They are scouting out the areas that perhaps you will get to travel to. Take note of all their suggestions and advice for future reference.


They may recommend good hotels, restaurants, or great hidden beaches. It could be that they are traveling to places that are not already on your bucket list of things to do. But you may find that their stories and experiences pique your interest.

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Learning From the Mistakes of Others 


Sometimes your friends will tell you they made a mistake and they were disappointed that the place they traveled to wasn’t what they expected. You can make a note to scrub this place from your list of where to go.


Everyone makes mistakes on their trips and you can choose to learn from them. Some are simple, but important mistakes like skipping travel insurance.


That may not seem like a big deal unless you find yourself needing a hospital, but not able to communicate your needs understanding some basic cultural differences of a particular region.


finding themselves in trouble or just being in a place where no one speaks English and finding yourself without a basic book of everyday dialogue.


If they are sharing these mistakes with you, it is wise to note them down for future reference. You can of course share your own knowledge and advice if you have been to the place they are traveling to, as long as you don’t try to take over their travel plans! 


Let Your Friends Enjoy Their Travel Plans


It is hard not to be envious of those who are fortunate enough to be traveling when we also want to have a trip. But you shouldn’t harp on that. You should make sure they enjoy their time away.


Encourage them to share all the details of their trip. Later, they can help you work on your travel plans. Then, you can share your adventures with them when your turn to travel comes along.

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