How To Pass Time When Traveling From India

Any time you are traveling by plane, there is always time spent waiting. And it can be very frustrating when that time is extended by missed or canceled flights. So, here are a few ways to pass the time when traveling from India.


When you find yourself with excess time, you can use it to catch up on work, take care of digital things on your to-do list, virtually socialize, or just relax with a digital book or by playing online games and puzzles.


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Pass Time Traveling From India – A Variety Of Options

Catch Up On Work


There’s always non-priority things that need to be done for work. These are the things that get pushed to the side because you never seem to have time to get to them.


Well, now you do. Take the time to check through your current emails, and then go through the hundreds or even thousands that aren’t important but you never took the time to purge them. Organize the ones that are important.


If you are working on a project that requires research, writing, or pulling together a graphic report, this might be a good time to work on it.


It may also be a good time to make phone calls you’ve been putting off because of how time-consuming they can be.


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Review Your Photos


We are all guilty of taking too many photos with our cellphones. And often enough, we find ourselves running out of memory. You can avoid this or take care of it by using this extra time to go through your photo library.


You can delete duplicates. This is especially true if you take photographs with the Live Photo option. You can also download them to your computer if you have it with you, or upload them to a cloud service.


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Get In Touch With Old Friends


Another thing that seems to be hard to keep up with is staying in contact with old friends. Take advantage of the extra time to reconnect with them.


You can let your friends know you’re thinking of them by catching up with them on social media. Private message them just to see how they’re doing.


Or, you could go the old-fashioned route and give them a call. There’s something special about getting to hear the voice of an old friend.


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Pass Time By Relaxing



Sometimes it’s hard to relax. The world is so full of stressful moments and rushed events. It’s unfortunate that it takes things like extended waiting time forced upon us for us to have time to relax.


So, if you find yourself in this situation, recognize it for what it is, extra time to take advantage of. There are plenty of options for passing your time in a relaxing way.


If you enjoy reading, this will be a good time to finish up a text you started but never got back to. Whether you carry a physical book with you or enjoy reading online, use this time to escape to a different world or learn something new.


There are plenty of reading apps you can take advantage of. Kindle offers some books for free, and if you prefer to listen to books, there are apps like Audible that you can access. Most apps will offer a free trial.


This may be the way to go if you want to find something new to read. But, if you don’t want to fool with a reading app, you can find writing posts on social media or check out online magazines and news outlets.


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Play Digital Games


Just like with reading apps, most game apps offer a free trial or a free version that you can download and play on your phone. 


You can also play games online with your phone or laptop. Some games are brain teasers or puzzle-based. They range from matching objects to finding hidden objects to fitting shapes together, making words, or quizzing yourself.


You can also play games like Words With Friends that allow you to compete against other people in real-time. The amount of focus puzzle games require makes time seem to pass quickly.


There are other competitive games you can play live online, including ones that involve gambling for real money. Many of these sites are set up casino style with slot-style games as well as traditional card games like solitaire game.


Although there are plenty of places in the world, such as many of the states and territories in India, where gambling is limited, there are some sites you can access easily and legally. 


A good place to start if you feel like trying your luck at a live casino game is a site like India Casinos that will review the various platforms available and collects information about current deals and promotions.


They will direct you to sites that will support your participation in your national currency. Of course, you can always play for fake money, but if you’re looking to pass time traveling from India due to a canceled or missed flight, it might be nice to get some money out of it. 

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