Japan’s Love For Live Online Gaming

In recent years, live online gaming has become more and more popular in Japan, particularly gambling. While laws around gambling are still murky in many ways, most Japanese gamblers have found a way to indulge their love of live casino games online.


From live roulette to live blackjack to live poker games, the Japanese are huge fans of this exciting and incredibly modern way to bring the thrill of the casino into your home. In fact, you can check out the top live casino games found at conquercasino.com.


In this article, we will take an in-depth look at Japan’s love for live casino games and where this comes from, as well as how the business may continue to grow and evolve in the coming years.


So, without further ado, let’s first dive into the historical context of Japan’s love for live casino games.


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Live Online Gaming In Japan – How It Became So Popular

The History of Gaming in Japan


After falling to defeat in World War Two, the Japanese suffered massive economic sanctions that limited their ability to produce. This meant the nation had to evolve in order to secure its future.


It wasn’t long until electronics were recognized as the answer, with technology gaining more and more traction throughout the mid-20th century. Very soon, Japan became one of the world’s top exporters of electronic goods on the planet.


By the 1980s, Japan was pioneering the fledgling games console market with the Atari. Although they may seem somewhat basic today, at the times games such as Pong, Space Invaders, and Pac-Man were seen as a massive technological advance, and consumers across the globe were spellbound.


Nowhere did the console explosion take off more than in Japan, where millions bought the Atari and its competitors the SEGA and Super Nintendo consoles.


Some of the best-selling and most iconic games of all time originate in Japan including Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario, and Zelda.


With this basis for understanding the Japanese love for all things gaming and technology, it makes sense that they were just as enamored with online gaming.


So, it’s not such a huge jump from the success of gaming in Japan to the huge popularity of online casino games and in particular live casino games.



Japanese Gambling


Pachinko is a game that has been enjoyed all across Japan for decades. Basically, it is a kind of pinball that involves elements of gambling that is without a doubt one of Japan’s most widely played casino games.


Pachinko players place a ball into the machine before tugging on a handle which activates a spring and puts the ball into the game before it needs to beat a range of flippers and other barriers. The result of the game depends on where the ball finishes.


Due to the fact that pachinko can be considered a game of timing, it is legal in Japan even though there are gambling elements. In fact, most pachinko parlors use a token system that removes the transfer of real cash between player and machine.


Another interesting element of Japanese gambling culture is the growth of Baccarat, with the Japanese taking to the game in recent times.


Baccarat, which started in 19th century France with the nation’s aristocracy, seems to be popular due to its sheer simplicity.


Although pachinko is still incredibly popular and by far Japan’s favorite way to gamble, slots are becoming more and more loved across Japan at the moment, with many Japanese players accessing foreign websites to enjoy games.


Many see the increasing gamification of slots as a major reason behind the popularity of the games in Japan.


Add to this the increasing popularity of blackjack and it is clear that foreign online casino sites are becoming a go-to destination for Japanese casino game lovers to fulfill their needs!


Due to the fact that blackjack is an incredibly fun and flexible card game, Japanese players are getting more and more excited when it comes to blackjack.


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The Most Popular Live Casino Games in Japan


Whilst pachinko may continue to rule the roost when it comes to Japanese brick and mortar gambling, when it comes to land vs online casinos, the story is much more diverse.


From online slot games to roulette, Japanese love to gamble online even though the laws around gambling in the nation continue to be murky at best and, at worst, just old fashioned.


Japanese players love to enjoy live games of roulette, blackjack, and poker, just like punters in the West! The Japanese particularly love bringing the fun and thrills of the casino into the comfort of their own home, which is exactly what the best live casino games can offer!


Overall, live online gaming in Japan, particularly live casino gaming looks set to continue as the government weighs the possibility of opening up the national gambling industry with the Integrated Resorts bill.


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