Can You Make Money Working Abroad? The Most Popular Overseas Jobs for Gap Year Travelers

The gap year is becoming more and more popular. Thus, more travelers are looking for the most popular overseas jobs.


Whether you’ve just left college and you want a break before you head to university, or you’re a little older and you’re wondering what to do with your life. Taking some time away from regular responsibilities and the mundane every day could be just what the doctor ordered.


There are many perks to traveling abroad and enjoying a gap year. From a better understanding and perspective of the world to a chance to challenge yourself and even increased job opportunities.


But, how do people fund these trips that seemingly last for months on end? It may surprise you, but many travelers choose to pick up a job whilst they’re overseas.


It keeps their funds coming in, gives them a more authentic travel experience, and looks great on a CV! So, what kind of jobs are out there? Read on to discover the most popular overseas jobs for travelers.


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The Most Popular Overseas Jobs for Travelers

Freelance Work


The best thing about freelance work is that it can be done from anywhere in the world.


Whether you’re designing company logos, teaching English via Skype or you’re writing copy for a website or blog – see for the latest in plagiarism software – you can earn a good wage by simply remembering to pack your laptop.


It’s a great opportunity to enjoy working for yourself and see the world at the same time.


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Work On a Yacht


Those huge, breathtaking superyachts that you see anchored up in glitzy marinas – they’re in fact crewed by a large team of dedicated deckhands, stewards, and stewardesses.


Their roles vary from cleaning and maintenance to serving drinks and food. These jobs are well paid but make no mistake you have to work incredibly hard and do it all with a smile on your face!


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My camera is a money maker!


Sell Photos


If you’re lucky enough to capture some incredible images on your camera, then you could earn money abroad by selling those images online.


iStock Photo and Getty are just some of the sites that buy high-quality photographs that can then be used by others. You’ll get a percentage of any sales of the photos. It’s simple, but a nice little earner to keep your travel fund topped up!


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Bar Work


Who hasn’t worked behind a bar at some point? But how many of us can say that we’ve worked behind a bar in a foreign country?


You’ll need to be quick on your feet and probably have knowledge of different drinks. It’s fast-paced but great fun!


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Work On a Cruise Ship


How does life on the open ocean sound? Where you travel in luxury and get to visit some of the most beautiful places on earth?


Work on cruise ships is incredibly varied and exciting, with lots to get to grips with, rapport to build with passengers, hundreds of decks, restaurants, casinos, theatres and onboard activities to get your head around, there’s a lot to keep you busy for several months.


Consider a career in the following: live entertainment crew, bar work, restaurant service, cleaning, deck crew, shore excursion managing, or even water sports!


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Teach English


There’s always a huge demand for native English speakers abroad. Thailand, Dubai, or even South America and Europe. You’ll find a wide range of private or government-led programs to help get you started and sent all over the world.


It’s also a great way to give back to local communities and get to grips with other cultures.


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Work As an Au Pair


If you like children and don’t mind working with them, then the role of an au pair could be ideal for you.


Your role is to look after the child, and also entertain them while their parents are at work or otherwise occupied, pick them up from school, help with homework, even clean and run errands.


Many life-long friendships are formed between au pairs and the children and families they work for. It’s a highly rewarding role that could take you all over the world.


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Be a Watersports Instructor


As you already know, when people go on holiday or visit new countries they want to try something new and push themselves out of their comfort zone.


This means that watersports like scuba diving, jet-skiing, paddle boarding, surfing, kayaking, and windsurfing, etc are hugely popular and instructors are needed to help tourists get the most out of their experience.


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Work At a Waterpark or Pool


Fancy earning some money by the poolside?


Qualify as a lifeguard and you could spend your travels working as a lifeguard for private pools, hotels, and of course waterparks.


Waterparks will also require employees to monitor and supervise slides and other rides on-site as well as cleaning and maintaining poolsides, shower areas, and changing rooms.


These skills are very transferable and can get you similar work all over the world.

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