A Weekend In Vegas On a Budget

So you want to hit up Vegas on a budget! Well, why wouldn’t you? When it comes to the most well-known, glamorous, and decadent cities around, Las Vegas is up there with the best.


Of course, it has been the setting for many films, from The Hangover to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, so movie geeks will already feel they know it well. Vegas is also a popular destination for casino fans who fancy a holiday with their favorite games thrown in.


While New Jersey gamblers may be happy to get resorts online casino bonus code details to game online with, others are lured to the bright lights of real-life Vegas casinos.


Of course, the famous Strip in Vegas is where a lot of people head when enjoying a weekend in the city. With plenty of casinos, bars, and restaurants to entertain visitors, this is understandable.


But what if you plan to do Vegas on a budget and need some fun but less expensive things to do away from the Strip?  Luckily, there are lots of cheap yet exciting things to do off the Strip when visiting Las Vegas on a budget.


Not only will these options help you to explore Vegas on a budget, but they will also help you see another side to the city, away from the bright neon lights.


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Vegas On a Budget


Check Out Spring Reserve


A very cool way to spend your time doing something different in Vegas without breaking the bank is a trip to Spring Reserve. Located a few miles outside of downtown Vegas, this 180-acre site has botanical gardens for all the family to enjoy along with stunning nature.


The range of plants and wildlife to see here is fantastic, and kids will love checking out the butterfly habitat. With playgrounds and fun museums to wander around, it is an excellent place for the whole family.


Even if you are in Vegas alone, with friends or as a couple, it makes a nice break from the hustle of the Strip.


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Try the Mob Museum


Another excellent budget idea when in Las Vegas for the weekend is delving into the city’s seedy past. Anyone who has seen the movie Casino will not be surprised to hear of Las Vegas’s shady Mob connections, but this museum is worth visiting.


It is only a few miles off the Strip and so easy to get to in a taxi. Entrance to the museum is not expensive, and it tells the story of the Mob in Vegas, also that of the law enforcement officials who fought them.


As you would expect from a modern museum, it is fully interactive, which helps bring the stories to life.


Spring Into Life with SkyZone Las Vegas


Heading to Vegas for the weekend will naturally involve lots of food, drink, and chilling out. Even on a budget, there are still things to do which help you get a bit more active.


SkyZone Las Vegas is located about five miles from the Strip and is the world’s first indoor trampoline park. Whether you go with friends or as a family, you are sure to have a great time.


As well as the chance to just bounce around to your heart’s content on standard trampolines, the park also has other options to try out. Ultimate Dodgeball, for example, sees you play dodgeball while on a trampoline while there is a foam zone to have fun with, too.


The great news is that it won’t cost the earth either.


Clark County Wetlands

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Visit Clark County Wetlands


About ten miles outside of Vegas are the Clark County Wetlands. This lush habitat is home to around 300 different species of animals and plants. It is quite amazing to see such a wetland habitat so close to the desert city of Vegas.


While you can simply wander around yourself, there are also guided tours to give you more information about the center. This is a lovely day out when you grow tired of the noise of the Strip and you want to do something away from it.


Perfect for those on a budget, it is a great trip to fit in on your weekend away.


Seeing Another Side to Vegas On a Budget Can Be Done


There is no doubt that the famous Strip is intoxicating and fun to experience when in Vegas. For many people, though, it can be expensive and also a bit much at times. If you fancy conserving your cash a bit instead and checking out another side to the city, the above options are worth considering.


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