Spring Break and Summer Vacation Packing Tips

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Spring break is approaching quickly while summer vacation is a bit further away (but definitely in the sights of millions of giddy travelers everywhere!). For this reason, you might be searching for spring break packing tips so you can travel like a pro.


It’s exciting to think about your next trip, whether it’s going to your favorite childhood vacation spot with your family, or going on a new adventure with friends. The art and science of the necessary event of packing can be a stressful situation for many.


Are you like traveling memes, wearing seven layers of clothing because your bags are overfilled and won’t go through check-in without dropping 10 pounds of weight?


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Or are you the one seen lightly and happily strolling through the airport with just a simple backpack, off to your destination for a lovely and minimalist weekend?


It speaks to our core nature to need to be prepared, and for many, that manifests in the display of traveling for a long weekend trip packed up like you’re moving cross-country.


For others, it’s a simple need to toss in your phone, wallet and passport, perhaps a change of undergarments, and off you go for a trek through Europe for a month.


Regardless of if you’re an over-packer or a stressed-out packer, let’s take a look at some quick tips for packing for your next trip.


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Here Are a Few Spring Break Packing Tips

Destination and Weather


Pack for the location(s) and weather of your destination, not where you’re traveling from.


It’s easy to live in a warm location and think, “all I’ll need is this light jacket and some pants,” but if you’re traveling to NYC for a winter escape, you’ll certainly need thicker layers and more accessories, like scarves, gloves, warm socks and a warm jacket.


If you’re a newbie to traveling, perhaps you’ll need some suggestions for popular tips.


Packing lists for the prepared spring-breaker might include swimsuits, flip flops, a beach hat, sunscreen, and light fabric clothing for dinners and activities away from your lounging beach chair or favorite pool hangout spot.


If your spring break trip involves skiing or a cold climate, of course, you’ll want to pack more winter gear and leave the beach accouterments at home. 


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Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash


Don’t Overpack


Pack only what you need. Packing essentials for a short trip can easily be done, but can get out of hand very quickly. Packing for four days doesn’t calculate into taking 23 changes of clothes!


Packing options that are reusable cuts down on space and stress and weight of what you will be carrying on your back. When it comes to toiletries, consider your daily routine, and slight variations for your destination.


Going to the beach or somewhere sunny might require extra sunscreen, and going somewhere dry and outdoorsy might require an oil-free moisturizer to keep your skin healthy and moisturized.


No one wants to come back home from a rejuvenating trip with dry skin and breakouts.


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Plan for Your Adventures


Keep in mind how you’ll spend your time. If you’ll be out exploring the forests and nature, you’ll want to pack for exactly that. Comfortable shoes, protective clothing, Gucci sunglasses, water bottle, and snacks are good examples of what to go with.


If you’re going to explore a new city, perhaps some nicer clothing items are better for going out at night and seeing shows. Packing for the weather, location, and activities is the key trifecta for a successful trip!


No matter where you’re going, taking into consideration some necessities of your personal routine, as well as the location’s characteristics and your travel plans upon arrival, can make the success of your trip all the better. 


Hopefully, these spring break packing tips will give you some insight to the necessary balance of function and minimalism so you can enjoy your adventure and return with fond memories. Because no one wants to ruin a good trip over bad packing.

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