Occupations That Are Travel Friendly

When asked, most people answer that their retirement dreams, hopes, and goals are to travel the world. Instead of waiting, many are now looking for travel-friendly jobs.


Dissatisfaction with waiting throughout 30-50 years of the typical adult working lifespan mixed with the lucrative opportunity the Internet and technology give most working professionals has led people to look for alternative ways to reach their travel goals.


There is a tremendous amount of careers that are now location independent, meaning, they can be done from anywhere with an Internet connection.


Some of these are creative and typically thought of as writing and blogging, but others are a bit more traditional, like corporate project managers and accountants.


If you search online for travel-friendly or location independent jobs, you will find endless options of careers and jobs, from freelance writing to corporate jobs in companies that are a bit more progressive without restrictions and requirements of employees being in the office.


Some such options that may be especially surprising are careers in healthcare and construction.



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Finding a Travel-Friendly Job – Is it Right for You?

Construction as a Travel-Friendly Job


When searching for options such as how to become a construction manager, you’ll find a wide variety of advice and articles about how to pursue that path.


Construction happens around the world, so it’s quite lucrative and enticing for those that are interested in such a mobile and exciting career. 


Having a job and career that provides the benefit of travel oftentimes gives the added benefit of living in locations that have lower costs of living than places that might require a permanent residence.


Benefits of Travel-Friendly Jobs


While some jobs provide per diem benefits for living and accommodations, as well as food and drink costs, others may simply allow you to live where you want and work the hours needed.


There is a myriad of options, and it’s all dependent upon the employer or contracting firm, and what is negotiated by the employee.


Anything is possible when it comes to working, otherwise known as exchanging time, skill, expertise, and services in exchange for monetary payment. 


Considering the lifestyle you want, with all factors such as your core needs of stability or adventure, as well as your familial obligations, is an important piece of the puzzle when considering taking a travel job, or a location independent job.


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For many, the idea of traveling the world with a few articles of clothing, a phone, and a laptop is a dream, while for others, a nightmare.


Knowing yourself and what keeps you grounded, motivated and excited about going through the world can help provide a sense of direction with this. Sometimes, ideas sound dreamy and idyllic, but in reality, they can be actually quite incongruent with our core nature.


A better level to explore this would be to actually go off for a few weeks and practice working out in the world, as you would if you pursued a career traveling the world.


Also, talking with several others that are doing it or have done it to get their real-world experience can be quite enlightening on the details of the lifestyle, especially if it’s a big change from your current one.


Remember, possibilities are endless when it comes to working, jobs, and careers. Do what you love and the world will benefit from it as much as you will. And if what you want is to travel, then look for travel-friendly jobs.


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