Great Places to Visit and Film Along the Way

Whether you’re a budding photographer or a well-versed veteran, finding new places to visit and film is an exciting prospect.


The world is filled with fantastic locations to capture with your artistic talent and show off to friends, family, and clients. To help keep your creative juices flowing, here are a few places you should add to your list. 


places to visit and film, Gothic Castles in the UK


Check Out These Places to Vist and Film

Gothic Style Infrastructure 


If you’re looking to capture stunning views of brilliantly created buildings and castles, be sure to visit the United Kingdom for awe-inspiring images. The history involved with these structures dates back hundreds of years and the ones that have stood the test of time are worth a look.


All parts of these castles, including their corner towers and turret pieces, beckon to be captured in pictures and video. 


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Further Your European Exploration


Expanding on your European trip, you can use your time wisely by scheduling multiple locations over your stay. There are plenty of structures you can add to your library. Filming castles on land or air with the best drones can really be a fulfilling experience.


Why limit yourself to only pictures captured from the ground when you can take to the sky and take breathtaking images and video from high above the building? Drone vehicles make it easier than ever possible to grab views from high locations without the use of other equally high buildings or helicopters.


Plus, you can work on your own schedule when using a drone, thus making the best use of your available time. 


places to visit and film, us castles


Castles Found Around the United States


If a trip to Europe is not in the cards at this time and you’re in the United States, fret not. The U.S. has a wide array of astonishing castles to be found from coast to coast and in between.


You can visit New York to find a number of these impressive structures. Right in the center of Central Park rests Belvedere Castle. Venture further out and you’ll find Bannerman Castle along the historic Hudson River. Head west and visit Castello Di Amorosa for remarkable sights.


Lastly, California is home to the Hearst Castle, which is now operating as a museum, making it easily accessible to photographers. Plan a few hours of your time to take in the beauty of the infrastructure and take as many photos as your heart desires. 


places to visit and film, the grand canyon


Beyond Structures


If you need a reprieve from castles, rest assured there are plenty more scenic locations around to spark your interest. All across the 50 states, you can set up your tripod and fly your drone to seize the day and the beautiful landscapes around you.


With some research and planning, you can schedule wonderful trips from state to state over time, in order to capture all of what the United States has to offer. From extraordinary scenic views from high mountains to low river basins, the opportunities are there for you and your camera. 


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Final Touches


As a photographer, you’ll be able to see the potential in subjects that others might normally miss. Don’t let the opportunity to capture an otherwise simple object or animal flying overhead slip by you and your camera.


The truth is, you’ll never know when inspiration might strike and even having a smaller camera from your collection might be handy to have on hand. 


So if you’ve just started your photographic journey or you’re looking to pick back up somewhere you might have left off, continue to strive forward and capture any and all images you find worthwhile.


Because in the end, even an unexpected piece can become a favorite of yours due to the simplicity or obscurity of it. The photographs and videos you take will become the keepsakes from your travels and inspire you to find new places to visit and film.

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