Family Holiday and Travel Essentials from UK Companies

The summer may seem like it’s a long way away, but now is the best time for people in the UK to be thinking about and booking their family holiday to come in six months’ time.


There is plenty of availability all over the world for the biggest and most popular tourist destinations as well as at the more offbeat holiday destinations right here in the UK.


The new regulations on travel to European Union member states come in at the end of this year, so many Brits will be looking to make the most of the current, easy-going system of traveling abroad.


Shaftesbury, England

Shaftesbury, England


But equally, and in the spirit of the referendum, a lot more Brits are looking to enjoy the holiday offering of the UK, exploring parts of the country that they’ve never seen before.


Not only is it important to book your family holiday around this time, but it’s also best to start the necessary process of buying the essentials that you’ll need for your travel. Buying too close to your holiday might mean that the items don’t get to you in time or are possibly sold out.


So, use the cold and dreary weather outside as an excuse to stay in and start planning the fun you’ll be having in the summer.


Here, the focus will be on potential British holidays, trips abroad via British-made companies, and, of course, top-of-the-line essentials from British companies that you’ll need for your family trip.


Family Holiday, travel essentials

Seven Sisters East Sussex


Travel Essentials for British Holidays from British Companies

The British Way to Holiday


Although the British Isles are relatively small, there are so many different things to do and places to see to please all forms of holidaymakers.


There are beaches, forests, great stretches of rivers and lakes, mountains, and, of course, lively cities for those who would prefer a more urban family getaway.


Regardless of what part of the country you want to go to, you’re bound to find an idyllic location and some fun activities for you and the rest of the family to enjoy.


Yorkshire Dales, England UK

Yorkshire Dales, England UK


If you fancy an outdoorsy holiday to get back to help get away from all of the technological attachment that we all experience, the UK has great outdoor activities set up around the country.


Over in East Sussex, you can all enjoy some kite-buggying on the beach, with The Kitesurf Centre offering lessons on Camber Sands.


If you fancy going up north, hiking is one of the most popular activities for visitors, with the Yorkshire Dales offering some of the most stunning sights in the UK.



Another great aspect of holidaymaking in the UK which is often overlooked is seeing the wildlife which inhabits our shores.


In the Hebrides, you can book in some snorkeling to see the kelp forests, starfish, and rays under the water, as well as book a tour with Basking Shark Scotland to try to see basking sharks, bottlenose dolphins, grey seals, and otters.


To explore the flora rather than the flora, Wild Food UK has over 25 foraging courses set up around the UK, including in Suffolk/Norfolk’s Thetford Forest, Herefordshire’s Ross-on-Wye, Uttoxeter in Derbyshire, and Tenbury Wells in Worcestershire.


Chrome Hill, Family Holiday, travel essentials

Chrome Hill, UK Derbyshire


Should you prefer to holiday abroad with the family, the UK has many world-class holiday companies ready to set you off on a well-deserved break. At the British Travel Awards, in the family holiday company category, Canterbury Travel landed the award for being the best small family holiday company.


The British company set-up in Middlesex specializes in trips to Lapland. Winner of the best large family holiday company, James Villas has become a popular option for UK tourists.


The Maidstone-based company offers trips across Europe as well as to the likes of Egypt, the United States, and the Caribbean.


With some good ideas for your 2020 family holiday, guided by British holiday companies around the country, it’s time to start thinking about the other essentials that you and your family will need.


Family Holiday, travel essentials, beach gear


British Companies Create Some of the Best Holiday Essentials


We all know that the costs of travel and accommodation aren’t the only expenses for a holiday.


The whole purpose of going on a family holiday to experience something different and more enjoyable than day-to-day life, and so, you’ll usually need to buy a few more essentials to make the most of the experience and prepare for what the trip entails.


If you’re going to the beach, you might need some new swimwear, but if you’re going to the mountains, a new set of gloves and a scarf might be in order. Thanks to the list of top tips of travel essentials for family getaways, it’s easy to find the most important items to buy for your trip from leading UK companies.


Whether you’re sleeping in the great outdoors, have a cabin in the woods, or are going to a country with a warmer climate, you will want some mosquito repellent.


Some people use a spray when they see one of the pesky insects, but the best and least invasive course of action is to use Less Mosquito’s Incognito Room Refresher.


Not only are their products made with 100 percent natural ingredients, but they’re also made in Great Britain.


Gearrannan, UK Hibrides

Gearrannan, UK Hebrides


Founded in 1938, Glaswegian company Trespass has become one of the most popular brands for outdoor clothing.


While they sell many great items that you may want to consider if you’re going to be walking around fields, scaling mountains, or rummaging around forests, one of the best all-rounder items that they sell is the Trespass ‘Soggy’ Antibacterial Towel.


It’s extra absorbent, comes with a little zip bag, and dries very quickly, with its antibacterial properties making it a great choice for quick drying when out and about with the family.


On your holiday, you’ll almost certainly find yourself roaming around with the family for a few hours at a time. During these excursions, especially in warm countries, it’s very important to make sure that everyone is well-hydrated.


Established in 2010, the UK-based family business Dotty Hippo create many great child-centric products, but the Dotty Hippo Water Bottles will be certainly come in use on your family holiday.


The water bottles come in many different designs and featured animals, including a lion, fox, bear, dragon, narwhal, bee, and monkey.


The summer is quickly on its way, so be sure that you’re ready, line up your next family holiday and stock up on all of the key travel essentials that you’ll need.

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