What to Pack When Pregnant and Traveling

If you’re pregnant and traveling, one last trip before the baby arrives is just what the doctor ordered. A nice getaway can help new moms (and dads) relax and prepare for the joys of parenthood they’ll soon enjoy.


While traveling during pregnancy is pretty much the same as traveling at any other time, you should pack a few extra essentials in your overnight bag including the items on the list below.


Pregnant and Traveling


Pregnant and Traveling – What You Should Start Packing Now

Support Pillow


A pillow for your head, a neck pillow, and a body pillow are each great additions for a trip. Since luggage space is likely limited, choose one or two and increase your comfort during long trips where you’re sitting for extended periods of time. 


A good supportive pillow reduces leg cramps, backaches, and a number of additional types of discomforts that pregnant women may experience. Having one can make the travel experience run a lot smoother.


Heartbeat Monitor


Every parent anticipates listening to the baby’s heartbeat on a fetal monitor. Now that fetal monitors are available for home use, you can experience this joy anytime you would like. 


Pack a baby heartbeat monitor in your luggage before departing home. The monitor helps you check on the baby whenever you need the assurance.


Besides, hearing a baby’s heartbeat is always nice, no matter how far along in the pregnancy. The ability to monitor it brings peace of mind.


water bottles




Travel causes hunger, especially when there’s a baby-in-bump on board. Resist temptations to fill-up on calorie-laden, unhealthy snacks and bring along a few fiber-rich goodies instead. Nuts are a great treat that fills the tummy and provides nutritional value.


Apples and pears are two additional fiber-rich food options.


Fiber-rich snacks also help prevent digestive and bowel problems. These often affect pregnant women the farther along they are with their pregnancy.


Water Bottle


Pack a durable water bottle to refill on the trip. Fill it up with water at restaurants and other locations rather than splurge on $3+ bottled water from the convenience store. 


Proper hydration is important, especially when traveling during pregnancy. A BPA-free water bottle ensures you stay adequately hydrated without going broke in the process.  If you don’t own this type of bottle already, it’s worth the few bucks to make the investment now.




Comfortable Shoes


No matter what type of activities planned for your trip, bring along a couple of pairs of comfortable shoes. Feet tend to swell and ache more during pregnancy. 


When your feet hurt, nothing is better than a nice, comfortable pair of shoes. While you want a pair or two of shoes to wow the crowd inside your bag, make sure that comfortable shoes are also packed! 


Prepare for pregnancy travel by including the items above in the travel bag. With the items on this list in tow, your trip is always a simple, smooth pleasure that everyone enjoys just a little bit more.


This could very well be the last time you travel without a baby on board. Make the most of this exciting trip and prepare for fun without the fuss with these items readily available.


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