Frugal Road Trip Tips – Because Saving Money is Fantastic

Do you love hopping from city to city while behind the wheel? You are not alone. It’s an opportunity to live in the moment, as you bond with friends and family. But a typical road trip can be expensive. That’s why I’ve put together these frugal road trip tips!


There are so many things to think of when planning your road trip budget. You have to budget for the rental car, fuel, attractions, accommodations, food, crap you’re going to bring home, not to mention tolls. 


Here are five frugal road trip tips that will help you stick to your budget: 


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Frugal Road Trip Tips So You Can Save 

Know Your Route


Do you know what route is the safest and most efficient to reach where you are going? Have you checked on the weather forecast for any upcoming storms?


What about road closures and go-slows that can derail your movement?


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The first step to saving cash on a road trip is by planning out every aspect of your itinerary. Try not to keep your tight travel plan. Instead, have room for any contingencies.


Then, get all your permits and licenses in advance and avoid last-minute fines.


Expect any obstacles along your way. That way, you won’t make unnecessary detours. Then, you’ll stay within your budget for fuel, food, and accommodation. 


Rent a Car or Build a Camper Van


Unless you are traveling within your home country or city, it is cheaper to hire a car or convert your van using sprinter van builds. If you convert it to a van ensure that the vehicle is properly prepared for the road trip.


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Routine checks and maintenance such as oil changes, having a new air filter and spark plugs are not only going to save you from having a broken-down car and stranded miles away from home it’s also going to save you a lot of money on gas.


Go Cashless on You Road Expenses


Travel cashless by using your credit or debit card on your road trip. This will save you lots of cash. Keep a few coins for tipping and laundry only.


First, you will avoid foreign exchange scammers who want to overcharge you. Next, earn lots of points by using your credit card or debit card throughout your trip.


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You can claim these points by getting a free flight or access to VIP services in hotels and restaurants. Still, avoid cards with foreign transaction fees. And notify your bank before you leave so that you don’t risk blocking your card when away from home. 


Bring Coupons 


To save more money while you’re on your road trip, find discounts for hotels and attractions by browsing through travel magazines and websites.


Many chain restaurants offer specials, free beverage coupons, and discounts. Also, travel during the weekdays instead of on weekends to save on lodging.


Travel Light


Opt to buy most of your supplies at your destination. Hence, travel like a minimalist backpacker.


Have your medical insurance updated. Have your meals from drive-ways or the local street food joints. Have clothes that you can pile or reduce to suit the weather. Wear multi-purpose shoes.


Here are some awesome finds on Amazon (I’ve added an affiliate link at no cost to you).


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If you plan to camp along the way, then opt for a camper van with foldable gear that will save on space and gas.


Road trips are a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. The endless hours on the road are an excellent time to relax, reflect, and come back rejuvenated.


Hence, it would help if you had all your travel plans in check, including sticking to a reasonable budget. Use these frugal road trip tips to ensure you don’t spend more than you want. 

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