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The Reality of Traveling to Saudi Arabia

If you’re thinking about traveling to Saudi Arabia, you probably have a few questions.


Ever wonder what it’s really like to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?


Ever dreamed of traveling through enchanting deserts, through ancient ruins, or even finding yourself getting lost in a cultural haven?




All in all, Saudi Arabia is just as magical as how you’re picturing it! But, there are also hidden gems and amazing experiences just waiting to be explored!


There are of course a thousand cultural influences to be found in the UK, or Europe. And everyone should visit the UK at LEAST once.


However, it’s in the heart of Saudi Arabia where some of the worlds’ most powerful myths, legends, and fairytales were born!


Whether you want to see the seas that Sindbad sailed, or see firsthand the legendary places of Aladdin, visiting Saudi Arabia is for you!


Traveling to Saudi Arabia


Because not everyone has their own flying carpet, getting to and from bucket list destinations requires planning.


Finding just the right hotels, Cheap flights, or even a cozy train room takes time. There are lots of airports and major travel hubs within this country. 


Here are just some of the best places to fly into, as well as take a train when traveling to Saudi Arabia. 


  • Makka
  • Mediana
  • Madain Saleh
  • Jeddah
  • Yanbu
  • Riyadh
  • And so many more!


Once you’ve gotten your initial travel to and from the country in place, it’s time to look closer at an itinerary! 


Magical Cultural Experiences


All things considered, in a land where such diverse stories and epic legends were created, it’s no wonder that there are so many amazing cultural sites.


Looking out over the Al-Ahsa Oasis, seeing the vast deserts surrounding the towering Madâin Sâlih, are both incredibly unique experiences you can only have in Saudi Arabia. 


Not only can you find some of the best Saudi airlines price points online, but once you do, you can also start to plan out your cultural adventure!


Because the history here is so varied, there are many UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


By visiting all of these cultural marvels, you’ll not only get to experience extraordinary locations, but you’ll be able to see nearly the entire country! 


The Al-Ahsa Oasis


Located near the Persian Gulf, the Al-Ahsa Oasis is an incredible mixture of springs, canals, as well as gardens and even a drainage lake!


Traveling to saudi Arabia
Al Ahsa in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia is the largest natural oasis on earth (so they say). From the top of Jabal al Qarah you can see miles upon miles of green date palms below. The oasis is also one of the longest known settlements. Source


This unbelievable site is not only home to beautiful greenery, but also historical buildings and archaeological sites.


The fresh-water springs of this mythological region has made a place for humans to live since prehistoric times! 


Al-Hijr Archaeological Site (Madâin Sâlih)


Surrounded by desert, it is plain to see why this fascinating landscape has brought about so many creative stories of old.


Not only that, but it’s truly awe-inspiring to look up at the decorated facades of this monumental place.


Traveling to saudi Arabia
Wikimedia CCL
This file has been provided by UNESCO ( as part of a GLAM-Wiki partnership. It is also available on the UNESCO website


Plant your feet at the base of this impressive man-made site to see not only cave drawings, but also pre-Nabataean period writing. 


Historic Jeddah


If your fond of finding yourself walking along ancient streets, then visiting historic Jeddah is for you!


As a major port of the Indian Ocean trading routes, Jeddah was a gateway for Muslim’s finding their way by sea to Mecca.




Not only is Jeddah a major city along the Red Sea, but this historic district has buildings and traditions dating back to the 17th century!


At-Turaif District


There are lots of magical places to visit in the world, especially when it comes to the intrigue and charm of a palace!


Just outside the capital city of Riyadh, you can discover the palaces and architectural wonders of the Al-Turaif District.


Traveling to saudi Arabia


Home to not only the Saad ibn Saud Palace, but the Salwa Palace, the At-Turaif Bath House, as well as the Imam Mohammed Bin Saud Mosque! 


Food, Fun, and City Life


The magic of this kingdom isn’t only in the historical sites! There are many, MANY things to do within the major cities in Saudi Arabia.


Not only can you experience some mouth-watering food, as well as a friendly and exciting people, but you can also get to know the hustle and bustle of daily life! 


Visiting Mecca


If you practice the religion of Islam, and have yet to visit this holy site, then put down Mecca on your list of amazing experiences in Saudi Arabia!


Traveling to saudi Arabia
Mecca Kaaba


All in all, you have to be a practicing Muslim to visit the iconic Kaaba stone, or walk within the city of Mecca.


The Kingdom Centre in Riyadh


The lively center of the city of Riyadh will find you staring at a truly wondrous building!


The Kingdom Centre is home to a shopping mall, some amazing food for you on your travels, as well as an observatory! 


Traveling to saudi Arabia, Kingdom Centre
Kingdom Centre Source


Find yourself at the center of the capital city and all of the amazing luxuries Riyadh has to offer by visiting Kingdom Centre!


The Prophet’s Mosque in Medina


Visiting this gorgeous mosque, where the Prophet Muhammed taught for several years, is a MUST for architecture and history lovers.


Medina Mosque, Traveling to Saudi Arabia
Medina Mosque


Central Medina, where the Al-Masjid an-Nabawī Mosque is located, is for Muslims only. But if you get the chance to see the bright towers, and the gorgeous details, it is WORTH the trip! 


The Empty Quarter


Cover almost 655,000 square kilometers, and several countries, the Empty Quarter is a romantic, yet dangerous place!


Not only can you walk through miles, and miles of sand, but you can also participate in some truly once in a lifetime events. 


Empty Quarter Saudi Arabia, traveling to Saudi Arabia
Empty Quarter Saudi Arabia Source


All in all, you can take an authentic camel ride, you can see some falconry, you can ride on a dune buggy, and even stay in an expensive luxury resort.


Although it is clearly a place of magic, it isn’t recommended to enter the Empty Quarter alone! Especially without a guide.


Travel to Saudi Arabia, traveling to Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabiazar


Visiting the Legendary Land of Saudi Arabia! 


Once you set foot in Saudi Arabia, you’ll no longer have to wonder why it is the birthplace of such amazing legends and folktales!


Whether you find yourself walking along the edge of the Al-Ahsa Oasis, walking through the streets of Madâin Sâlih, or shopping in style at the Kingdom Centre, there is so much to experience in Saudi Arabia.


Now that you know what it’s really like to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it’s time to get packing for your own desert adventure! 

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