7 Tips for Planning a Fairy Tale Road Trip

There are so many wonderful things to see across Northern America, so why waste time visiting them individually when you could see them all in one trip? These North America road trip tips will help you to have the best adventure possible.


Instead of going on vacation to just one location in particular, a road trip is a perfect way to visit as many of the places that you’ve wanted to see all in one go while getting to spend quality time with your family and loved ones on the way.


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We began our road trip with frost, and ended it with palm trees.


But how do you plan the perfect road trip? Here are a few simple tips which you can use to help you plan the ideal road trip of your dreams.


North America Road Trip Tips to Consider for Your Upcoming Adventure


Budget Wisely for Your Trip


In order to ensure that you don’t end up spending more than you can afford during your holiday, it is vital that you set a clear budget before you start booking anything.


When setting your budget, you should take into consideration everything from the cost of your vehicle and the price of petrol, to the money that you will need for food and activities while you are away. Once you’ve set guidelines for spending, you can start planning your road trip without having to worry about overspending or splurging on unnecessary indulgences.


Transportation With Sufficient Space


Depending on how far you are planning on traveling, road trips can be long and tiring. Therefore, you should ensure that you have a vehicle which isn’t only reliable, but also spacious. 


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The Sorento Cabin is big and sleek.


Between you and your family members, you will have a lot of luggage to transport, as well as needing space to be able to relax on the journey, so you might want to consider getting an RV rental so that there will be enough room for everyone to enjoy the journey in comfort.


Plan the Perfect Route


The route is the most important part of your trip, and there’s a lot to consider! You should think about the logistical factors, such as choosing areas where you can rest at designated intervals and finding places where you can fill up on gas to avoid getting stranded along your way.


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However, the best part of planning the route is choosing the perfect places to visit! For example, you could decide to visit some fairy tale castles along the east coast for a magical trip or visit filming locations for some of your favorite shows, such as the location of the Hunger Games District 12 in Burke County, North Carolina.


Find Ways to Stay Occupied


If there are going to be long distances between each of your chosen locations, then you’ll have to find ways to keep the family distracted so that the trip doesn’t become boring. For example, you might think of fun games that you can play together, or bring along a portable DVD player so that your children can watch films.


Additionally, while you might be able to find rest stops along the way to stock up on food, it is still worthwhile to pack some varied snacks and drinks to keep everyone happy and comfortable for the duration of your time on the road.


Bring a Real Map


A lot of people choose to trust electronic GPS on their phones or in their cars for navigation. However, it is important to remember that electronic navigation systems can easily lose power or signal, leaving you stranded or lost if you aren’t sure where you are going.


Therefore, it is fundamental that you make sure to have at least one paper map packed along with the rest of your road trip essentials.


Stop at Regular Intervals


As much as it is nice to be able to spend time with your family all in one place as you travel around together, you may find that tensions can run high if you end up spending too much time in the car without stopping.


Snowmobiling for the first time, kia sorento

We stop a lot to take photos


Therefore, you should make sure to take regular rest breaks along your journey, so that everyone can stretch their legs and get some fresh air.


This is why, when planning your route, it is important that you look for places where you can stop for bathroom breaks; this will also offer you a chance to top up on essentials if necessary. I suggest finding scenic places so you can take photos too!


Let the Kids Help With the Planning


Planning the road trip is a fantastic bonding experience for a family to be able to do together. While your children are bound to be excited about the trip no matter what, they will be even more thrilled if they are given the freedom to choose some of the plans for the trip themselves.


Not only will they welcome the chance to have their opinions heard, but it will also mean that they will have even more appreciation for the chance to go on a family vacation.


A family road trip can be a nightmare or an adventure. These North America road trip tips will surely help you have the best time with your family as you plan ahead for the things that can get in the way of all the fun.

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