How Is The EU Making Up For Lost Time In Flight Delays? 

When you experience flight delays in the EU you need to know the rules, what these airlines typically do for customers, and how you can file claims. Use the tips below to learn how you can get compensation from the airlines. You should not throw away your money because the airline was late or canceled your flight.

Flight Delays in the EU – The Rules

EU flight delay compensation depends on rules that are used in countries where you land. If you are flying from one EU country to another, you are allowed up to 600 Euros in compensation if the flight lands three hours late or more.

If the flight was canceled, you have the right to take another flight on the same airline for no charge. Plus, you may cancel the flight and receive a full refund. However, the airlines may try to avoid paying you if the delay or cancellation was caused by circumstances outside their control. Don’t be a victim of flight delays in the EU. Know what you’re entitled to. 


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How Much Should The Airline Pay When You Get Stranded?

If your flight is delayed or canceled, you could be stranded at an airport for some time. You should be given meals and hotel accommodations where appropriate. There are no limits on your compensation, but there is no guarantee that the airline will pay for your hotel or food right away. Make certain that you collect your receipts so that you can be reimbursed after the trip is over. Getting stranded sucks. Especially if you’re flying with pets who have to go outside to relieve themselves. Of course, flying with kids can be a nightmare too if you’re stranded. 

How Are Delays And Cancellations Classified? 


With regard to delayed flights in the EU, shorter flights are given less compensation than longer flights. For example, a flight that is 1500km or less gets 250 Euros in compensation for a three-hour delay. If the flight was 3500km or more, you can get up to 600 Euros. The EU has published a chart that explains how much compensation you deserve.

Cancellations by the airline will result in compensation if you are not given 14 days notice. You can submit a claim to the airline for a refund if you were not about to get on a new flight. If the airline does not offer you a new flight, you can submit a claim through the EU. If you are given more than 14 days notice, you should change your flight.

How Do You Submit A Claim For Compensation?

You must send a written letter to the airline with your flight number, date, and time. You must describe the delay, and you should include your personal information. If the airline rejects your claim, you can submit that claim to the ombudsman for that airline. You may also submit your claim to the EU for compensation. The EU airline compliance office in your country will submit the claim for you.


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Recent News On The Situation

The EU has barred airlines from denying claims for compensation if the passenger does not have their original boarding pass. Airlines once required you to send in your boarding pass for payment, and that technicality was used to deny many claims. If the airline tells you that they need your original boarding pass, they are mistaken.

Airlines like British Airways publish the compensation guidelines, but other airlines make claims harder to submit. If you are looking for a good airline to fly with, you may choose the airline that has proven they will take care of their customers.

Can You Get Help With Compensation?

If you experience delayed flights in the EU, You can get help with flight compensation when you do not know the rules or what to do. You can contact a third-party company, and that company will submit the claim for you. These companies handle claims for flight delays and cancellations every day. Plus, these companies will forward all payments and updates to you as soon as they have the information.


You need to know your rights when you are flying in the EU. There are government rules that determine how much you can be compensated for delayed flights in the EU. Plus, you may need to submit a claim for compensation after your trip is over. The airlines may claim that they needed to cancel or delay flights due to extraordinary circumstances, but you can force them to prove what happened. You are still entitled to compensation based on the length of your flight, what happened, and how long you were stranded.

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