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Are you looking for the best Christmas gifts for older teens? At this age, it can be a struggle to find something they will really love, and the magic of Santa Claus has long gone. But Christmas is still a special time of year, even for older kids, so it makes sense you’ll want to treat them to a special gift or two. Here we have five fun ideas that are perfect for older teens, to inspire your search and take the headache out of Christmas shopping.


No matter what budget you have available for their gift, and regardless of their tastes and interests, you are sure to find some great ideas here or on parent-friendly sites like


What are some Good Christmas Gifts for Older Teens? 


There are loads of possibilities when it comes to the best Christmas gifts for those in their late teens. At this age, they might be more interested in cash to buy their own items or gift cards for their favorite stores. However, there are many thoughtful and fun gift ideas out there which they are sure to love, like on MiniandMaximus


For Christmas, it’s ideal to choose items such as board games or building kits, which will keep them amused indoors when their friends might be out of town, or the weather is too cold to hang out with them outside. Board games are also ideal if friends and family are coming to visit over the festive period, as they provide a great way to encourage face-to-face interaction. Tech gifts are always appreciated by your teen too, whether it’s an accessory for their phone, laptop or games console, or something more extravagant such as a new gadget. 



LEGO Ideas Saturn V Rocket

NASA Apollo Saturn V LEGO set
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When it comes to cool gifts for older teenagers, LEGO is up there as one of the best. This awesome LEGO set has 1900 pieces and depicts a highly detailed and realistic model of the NASA Apollo Saturn V. There are three rocket stages, which are removable to create a replica of the launch! 


There are also two mini-figures included which are ideal for roleplaying. After building, the model can be placed on a stand so it can proudly be displayed in your teen’s room. It stands at an impressive 39 inches tall, so it’s a real showstopper! This is a great gift for older teens who will be kept busy for a good while with this model, as it’s said to take around five hours to build. 



Moon Night Light


gifts for older teens
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Gifts for a teen girl can be difficult to choose, but you can’t go wrong with this stunning moon night light, which will look excellent in any teen’s room. It comes in a choice of different sizes and is 3D printed to look just like the moon. There’s a rechargeable battery inside the lamp, which allows it to be left on for up to ten hours. Charging takes around two hours.


The lamp is touch-activated and has two color options – yellow or white – and adjustable brightness levels. A nice wooden stand is included in the lamp can easily sit on a desk. Teens will love to have this in their room when they are chilling out, and are sure to remain interested in it for a long time, even as they reach adulthood. 



LEGO Mindstorms Robot Building Kit


gifts for older teens
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Here we have another pick from the LEGO brand, but this time it’s something a little different. This 600-piece set is used to build a real robot that can be coded and programmed to perform various functions such as walking, talking and working on various tasks. It’s great for teens who are interested in STEM subjects and toys and is a fun project for them to work on.


There are instructions included to build 17 different styles of robot, so the toy never gets boring! Teens can download the coordinating app for free and use their phones to control their robot and teach it new skills. Robots are really cool gifts for 18-year-old boys, but let’s keep reading to find even more nice gift ideas for older teen boys and girls. 



Escape Room in a Box Game

escape room in a box, teen gifts
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Board games like Escape Room in a Box make excellent gifts for a 17-year-old boy, and this one can be enjoyed by up to eight players which makes it ideal for Christmas when family and friends might be spending some time at the house. This is a cooperative game, so it’s great for encouraging teamwork in teens. It’s a fun gift for teens who enjoy escape rooms, or who simply like solving challenging puzzles.


There are 19 puzzles to solve with this game, and they are both physical and mental, so everyone on the team can put their skills to use. The game can be played with as little as two players, but it’s more fun with more. It lasts around an hour, as this is the time given in which you must ‘escape’, or risk being turned into a werewolf! 



Brain Fart Party Game


gifts for older teens
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Our final pick is the Brain Fart game, this time it’s a party game in which players must roll a dice to determine their category, before pressing the brain to pick a letter. Then you must name things that fit within that category, beginning with the chosen letter. As there are over 50 categories, the game can be played over and over again and it’s different every time. Some of the categories include beverages, heroes, gross things, professions and even crimes. 


The game is great for encouraging players to think outside the box, and you are sure to find some hilarious answers coming up as you never know when the timer will go off. If the timer goes off during your turn to answer, you have to take a token. At the end of the game, the player with the least tokens is the winner! It’s great fun for a group of teens, or even for teens to play with their parents – everyone will love it! 


Finding gifts for older teens doesn’t have to be difficult. Pamper your loved ones with some unique gifts using Kohl’s promo codes. With these ideas, you are sure to find your way to inspiration and lots of hugs from your recipients. And if you’re looking for gift ideas for tweens, I’ve got you covered! Check out my last Gift Guide for Tweens.


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