The Best Places to Visit for Water Sports Enthusiasts

If you’re looking to try something new, exciting, and adventurous, then you should consider taking up water sports. Not only are they a great test of your courage, but being in the water makes for an exhilarating experience and you can play in some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Here I’ll discuss some popular water sports places to visit.


Water Sports Places to Consider if You Want to Take Your Adrenaline on and Adventure


Location is an important factor if you’re planning to go on a vacation that requires water. The next time you travel you might want to consider these water sports places that are great for water-based adventures.


Lake Powell 


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Right between Utah and Arizona is a large man-made body of water in the middle of a vast desert you will find Lake Powell. Being an important tourist attraction, it is known for the many water-based activities you can find. Whether you’re a seasoned expert in water skiing or someone who has just gotten started with scuba diving, Lake Powell has to be your go-to place for anything that quenches your thirst for excitement.


If you’re looking for something with a bit more adrenaline, you can get some EPIC white water rafting in with Advantage Grand Canyon along the Colorado River.




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Norway has a vibrant marine life, and it’s because of this distinction that the country is able to cultivate a reputation in the world of fishing. Hamnøy is just one of many Norwegian towns offering excellent experiences when it comes to fishing, including sportfishing out on the ocean. The town itself almost has a fairytale vibe and it looks even more gorgeous in winter!


The Maldives


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You can’t talk about scuba diving and other water sports without any mention of the Maldives. It’s a stunning place to be in as it evokes the charm and the serenity of an earthly paradise. Aside from taking a dip in its pristine waters, you might also try out kayaking, windsurfing, and jet skiing. But generally, you might as well take the time to relax in a place that’s basically known for peace and quiet. 




Best west coast road trips, the PCH, tourist destinations in California


The state of California has always been a known center for water sports. It also has a very active surfing community, so much so that surf culture has been attributed to California’s reputation as a perfect place to catch some waves. Popular surfing spots include Huntington Beach and Cardiff Reef in San Diego. But other than surfing, you might also want to try out other popular water sports such as wakeboarding. Be sure to equip your boat with a durable tower. You might want to check out for the equipment you need for getting started on wakeboarding. 




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Of course, who would leave out another important place in American water sports? For sure, Hawaii is not only a great destination for a vacation. It also offers you many a great opportunity to try out new things.  And no doubt, surfing is just one activity you might want to try out in the Aloha State but it’s not the only spectacle. There are also boat tours and water skiing activities that will make your trip to Hawaii as one for the books!






While Colorado offers plenty of activities for skiing, they have a slew of summer activities in the water. The lakes are home to water skiing and boating, but the real adventure is in the rivers that run through the mountains. They have some of the best white water rafting in the United States. Rafting in Colorado is a destination for those who don’t really like to be cold and snowy.


Siesta Key

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One of the most popular places to visit in Florida, Siesta Key is known for its water sports, fishing, wildlife and coastal appeal. This is a perfect place to rent a beach house and spend a time on the water and in the sand. 


Surely there are hundreds if not thousands of water sports places to explore. These are just to name a few that will feed your sense of adventure and thrill for the sport. If you’re looking for more places in paradise check out some of my favorite beaches.

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