7 Of the Best Destinations in the UK

One thing that stands out the most about the UK is its diversity. You’ll find different communities with unique dialects, daunting mountain climbs, and rugged rock formations, as well as beautiful sandy beaches and surfer, havens. If you’re looking for the best Uk destinations, the vibrant cities also have so much to offer from world-class art galleries and museums to high-end casinos, breathtaking modern architecture and buzzing nightlife.


Here are some of the best UK destinations you should not miss the next time you visit the country.


7 of the Best UK Destinations


London: The Capital


It is a shame to visit the UK and fail to visit London. The capital is a vast city with beautiful neighborhoods, magnificent palaces, and a variety of coffee houses you ought to love.


places from fairy tales, best UK destinations

You can almost see Peter Pan flying.


You can learn so much about the UK’s rich history by visiting the Tower of London. Alternatively, go down to South Kensington, the home to the city’s best museums that include the Victoria and Albert Museum plus the famous Harrods department store.


If you are a fan of Britain’s royal family, then you should consider booking a tour of the Buckingham Palace in advance.


The University Towns of Oxford and Cambridge


Get a chance to experience the centuries-old rivalry of the top academic establishments in England and Wales. 


things to do in cambridge, best uk destinations

Punting on the River Cam is a popular thing to do in Cambridge and perfect for a sunny day.


Explore the plenty of attractions that both of them offer; iconic buildings, essential libraries, world-famous publishing houses, and vibrant museums.


Visit both and choose aside. Is it Cambridge where you get to take a punt along river Cam, or will it be Oxford for its fantastic tourist accommodation packages?




Brighton offers a perfect location for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or even a weekend out with a group of friends looking for some seaside fun and buzzing nightlife.


There are plenty of things to see, such as markets, street entertainers, and graffiti to enjoy as you cruise the streets. You may be lucky to catch a festival or two while there. 


Brighton has a great clubbing scene and the most talented mixologists. If you’d rather stay in, you can keep busy with online casino games, MobileBet. It gives you a wide variety of exciting and addictive games to keep you entertained throughout your trip.


You can play and bet from anywhere and at any time. Yes! Even as you hop from one train to the next as you explore Great Britain.




It’s without a doubt; Bath is among the prettiest cities in the country. It may be small, but it has so much to offer. The town provides incredible features from Roman times. Make sure you visit the Roman Baths and get to learn the history of this spa town.


best places to visit in the summer, bath england


If you’re lucky, you can catch the bizarre Bath comedy walking tours- which are fun, silly, and unique.


The Lake District


The Lake District boasts dramatic landscapes, a perfect playground for adventure. You can catch a train ride to the center of the national park from Ravenglass to Eskdale valley.


Fairy site, Cumbria


The main attractions here include mountains hills and lakes carved by glacial erosion. It is also home to some of the world’s re-known poets. While here, indulge in hiking, cycling, and sightseeing various landscapes while taking pictures.


Edinburgh: The Capital of Scotland


It one of the most visited cities in the UK thanks to its well-preserved historic buildings and the symbolic Edinburgh Castle. The majestic castle tells a lot of the history of Edinburgh and offers easy access to other sites in the city.


Edinburgh to Isle of Skye-4

Pretty flowers at Edinburgh Castle.


Significant highlights of this city include the old towns Royal Mile with its elegant architecture, the national gallery of Scotland, and the royal botanical garden. Don’t forget to pass by the new town and enjoy its neoclassical architecture.




Stonehenge is a World Heritage site, comprising of a large set of standing stones spanning over 20 square kilometers in southwest England. It is a sight to behold believed to exist for more than 4500years.


If you happen to visit in the summer, be sure to catch the sunrise of this ancient and mysterious monument.


Also, don’t go without roaming the old city center and visiting its many churches while beholding their historic architecture.


There are far more places to explore in the UK than just these. Although these are some of the best destinations in the UK, you will find that your adventure will keep you coming back to explore more and more each time.

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