Eat Your Way Around The World: The Best Destinations For Foodies

There’s honestly no denying that eating well and traveling the world are the perfect couple; one would really not be the same without the other. A large part of the experience is, in fact, tasting the incredibly unique local cuisine that each enchanting destination has to offer. You really cannot get a first-hand experience of a region any other way. However specific destinations are somewhat more enticing for tastebuds than others. This ultimate guide to the best foodie destinations will help guide your tastebuds to your next thrilling adventure. 


Foodie destinations 


When it comes to foodies, there is only one thing that matters! The best destinations for foodies will have good wine, great flavors, and amazing ingredients!


Things to Do in Padstow, Prawn dish




If you are hoping to find a destination to savor exotic tastes, the street food and local cuisine of Bangalore will surely do the trick. The world’s most decadent Benne Masala Dosa can be found here at quite a few restaurants in Bangalore. There’s no need to stop there as the local cuisine has so much more to offer including the mouthwatering Char Siu Bao dish. There are so many great tasting dishes local to this region that you may want to lengthen your trip.




Some of the world’s best wines come from Mendoza, Argentina, which is why you should visit this incredibly beautiful region at least once in your life. Even though the popularity of the local wine may have overshadowed the local cuisine, most of the local wineries offer multi-course lunches from the winery restaurants that will best showcase the local tastes. 


The Philippines


Not everyone is fully aware of just how incredible the cuisine in The Philippines actually is. It’s unlikely that any other destination in the world could possibly compete with the local street food here. There are simply so many different specialties to choose from, which means it is highly unlikely you would be able to fit everything onto your list. 


traveling to nice

Old Town, Nice




The food scene in Paris, France, is truly like no other, although, considering that it is France, this fact shouldn’t surprise you in the slightest. A trip to this gorgeous region is simply not complete without trying the incredible foods that make the country so unique. Frog legs and escargot are an absolute must.




London, England is another large city that is often overlooked as a foodie destination, despite the decadent local tastes. There really is nowhere else in the world where you would be able to take advantage of countless international food choices. In addition to this, the varying dining experiences and foodie activities here will have you longing for your next trip here in no time.




Anyone that loves pasta dishes has likely dreamt of visiting Italy at least once in their lives. Tuscany, Italy is where the heart of the favored rich meaty tomato sauces and creamy pasta dishes is and opting for a cooking class here would prove to be one of the best choices you have ever made. Luckily, there is truly no shortage of cooking schools, and wine tasting tours here, which means booking the ultimate Italian experience won’t be tricky.  Italy is easily on everyone’s list of “Best Destinations For Foodies” too!


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