Ways to Deal with Plane Delays When You’re Stuck in the Airport

While this site is all about the huge benefits and enjoyment that travel can bring, one issue we rarely touch upon is what can happen when things go wrong. Many people are fortunate to have entirely trouble-free vacations, but sadly for others, problems can and do happen during their trips. You don’t want to face it but you might have to so here are some ways to survive plane delay and the frustrations that come with it.


How to Survive a Plane Delay


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1. Make a Claim


Your delay doesn’t have to be dead time! Flight delays and cancellations can be a nightmare, but fortunately, a site like Flightright can help in such situations, as the business specializes in helping passengers to exercise their rights when air travel goes wrong. For instance, Flightright provides assistance for Ryanair passengers who have suffered problems, telling readers that it is vital that they confirm the reason for the delay and collect some proof of it. The site also provides a free online calculator, so that those who are unsure can check whether they’re eligible to claim the available compensation of up to €600 for a Ryanair flight delay. If you have travel insurance too, check to see if you are covered!


If your flight is delayed by three hours or more or even canceled, use your time wisely and follow Flightright’s advice. It will make the prospect of a long day sat in a terminal much easier to face. There are also compensations for plane delay in the EU.


2. Read a Book or Five


Whether you’re a true lover of all things fantasy or the kind to bury yourself in a romantic saga, the chances are that you have a book or two on the go. Are you reading on a Kindle or do you still love the feel of a good paperback? Doesn’t matter! Use the extra time at the airport to immerse yourself in a great story. Furthermore, if you’re running low on material you have the added bonus of being able to scour the airport’s bookshops for more titles to enjoy.


3. Celeb Spotting


If you happen to be stuck in a major airport, the chances are there could well be a few famous faces wandering about. So, keep your eyes peeled just in case you spot any big-screen stars or sporting icons lurking underneath a baseball cap or hoodie. This list at TheTravel.com outlines just some of the airports where a celebrity or two could well be seen.


4. Watch Captain America: Civil War


Any film might probably do in the situation, but why not spend the time watching this Marvel Studios classic on your smartphone or tablet? After all, this superhero epic does, of course, feature probably the best fight sequence ever filmed at an airport, which makes it a perfect fit for being stuck in one. It might also be a good time to catch up on Avengers or other classics like Doctor Strange and Thor! 


5. Get Gaming


Gaming on smartphones and tablets is going from strength to strength and 2019 has undoubtedly been a stellar year on that front. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has been a hit, while new mobile games based on Mario Kart and Frozen are also thought to be in the pipeline. With that in mind, why not pass the time with some high-octane gaming action? If you’re in Australia, you can check out free online pokies games for Australians. My man plays this pretty much all the time. 


Traveling is probably the most rewarding pastime in the world, but a plane delay and cancellations to flights can have a big impact on your plans. We hope the ideas above might give you some food for thought on how to survive the next time you face that kind of situation.

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