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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name, Los Angeles? Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Luxury mansions, Disneyland Park, etc. are some of the things that you can easily recollect on top of your mind. However, the city of Los Angeles is much more than these things i.e. upscale shopping centers, pubs, rich celebrities, etc.


LAX Airport Parking Hacks


Whether you are a first-time traveler or a frequent traveler to Los Angeles, the scale of the Los Angeles Airport (LAX) will leave you in awe. LAX airport is the fifth busiest airport in the world and has nine terminals. The airport serves close to 80 million passengers annually.


Different parking option at the LAX airport


If you are traveling to LAX airport for dropping your guests, you should make use of the LAX Parking for the short-term purpose. There is an economic reason for choosing short-term parking as the parking rates are as low as $3 for the first hour & an additional $2 for 30 minutes. These rates are applicable for parking at the Central Terminal parking garages. Another cheaper option is to park at The Economy Lot C where charges are as low as $4/hour. You can reserve a parking spot using the way.com service that lets you book parking spots for short-term and long-term parking.


Shopping at LAX airport


Other than the parking options there are also an array of other activities that you do in your leeway time while you are waiting to pick your guest. You can shop around and pick a few of your favorite goodies. You can also gift wrap something for your guest to greet them when they arrive at the airport.


If you want to shop on a tight budget, you could still do it by shopping at the LAX duty-free shops or explore malls/shopping outlets within the close vicinity of the airport. You could also use the airport shuttles for saving some extra bucks. There are several factory outlets near LAX airport where you can venture for budget shopping.


So before you venture into the different shopping destinations it is always crucial to go by the book or the catalog so that you hit the right place at the right time. This helps you save on your money and also helps save your precious time.


PCH from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara,

With Cristin Casados the Naptime Reviewer


Below are some of the popular destinations for shopping near LAX airport:


  • Howard Hughes Promenade – This is an upscale mall which is closest to LAX airport. It is an upscale indoor/outdoor mall with different types of shops, restaurants, and even a movie theatre. One shop where you can get the best deal on clothing and accessories is the Nordstrom Rack outlet store. You can enjoy different types of cuisines in the restaurants located inside the shopping center.


Once done with the shopping plan, you can also catch an immersive movie viewing experience in IMAX to make LAX shopping a memorable experience. This mall is worth checking out since it is nearest to the airport and you will not encounter any difficulty to reach the place.


  • Westfield Culver City – This mall is located at the intersection of 405 and 90 freeways. If you are obsessed with brands, this is the right place for you. Name a popular brand and you have a store in this mall.


There are stores of JC Penny, Macy’s, Best Buy, Target, H&M, G by Guess, etc. which provide you all-round shopping experience. Shoppers feel that Westfield Culver City and Howard Hughes Promenade are the two best places to shop near the LAX airport.


  • Plaza El Segundo – It is a contemporary shopping center. There are many mid & upmarket stores inside the Plaza El mall. Whether you are looking for branded goods or looking to save extra bucks, this mall has something to offer to every type of customer.


Best Buy, HomeGoods, H&M, DryBar, Banana Republic, J Crew, Nail Garden, Whole Foods Market, etc. are some of the notable stores in this shopping complex.


Other popular shopping destinations close to the LAX airport are Westchester Village, Westchester Triangle, Airport Plaza, Runway Mall to name a few. If you do not intend to step out of the airport since LAX airport security is exceptional; you can still fulfill your shopping ambitions by visiting duty-free shops inside the airport premises.


If you are short of time, you could still manage to do shopping during a layover at LAX. Within 3-4 hours, you can only cover Howard Hughes Promenade and/or Westfield Culver City. You could even opt for long-term parking inside the LAX airport by booking in advance via reliable online service like way.com. You could explore both onsite and offsite long-term parking options so that your car is safe while you & your loved ones are enjoying the shopping experience!

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