How to Get Around in Iceland, A Simple Guide For Transportation

Iceland is the perfect destination for anyone looking to spend time exploring natural phenomena. The island is covered in unique sites and experiences leaving anyone exposed to its wonders with memories for a lifetime. So, how to get around Iceland making sure you embrace everything about this magical island? 



How to Get Around in Iceland


Well, since Iceland’s public transportation system leaves a lot to be desired, there are, for instance, no trains on the island, the perfect way to get around is actually to rent a car and drive yourself. Iceland car rental is a thriving business and you will be well-taken care of by car rental companies such as for instance Reykjavik Cars. 


Here you will have the benefit of receiving information from experts with local knowledge about everything from roads to the notoriously difficult Icelandic weather. By renting a car you will have the freedom to explore at will and you will be able to set your own travel itinerary.


If you opt for driving around Iceland’s Golden Circle, for instance, you will be opting for a drive that is easy to take on, especially if this is your first time in Iceland. Car rental in Iceland is one of the most popular ways for travelers visiting the island to make the most of the experience.


The island has many alternatives to choose from when it comes to car rental companies, such as Reykjavik Cars. When renting a car there are several things to take into consideration. Especially when driving in a place like Iceland.


Although there are several routes to take, some more difficult than others, all of them encourage the driver to exercise caution due to the terrain of the island. As such, you will need to consult the car rental company when it comes to which type of vehicle will best suit your travel itinerary.


If you intend to drive on the F-roads (mountain roads) then you are probably best of renting a 4×4 but if you are intending to drive on the A1 then a regular 2WD will suffice. The car rental company will also be able to advise you on car insurance, add-ons such as GPS as well as comforts of the car.


Iceland can be a challenge to drive in but if you equip yourself with a suitable car as well as stock up on advice you should soon be on your way. 


The Perfect Road Trip Destination in Iceland – The Golden Circle


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If it is your first time visiting Iceland, one good option when it comes to driving routes is the Golden Circle. It is an iconic drive filled to the brim with incredible sites and experiences. It is the perfect option as you will start and finish in the magnetic city of Reykjavik, making this fabulous capital your home base. 


The Golden Circle is approximately 300 km long and as such, it is the perfect alternative if you want to have an easy start to your road trip. The drive will include everything from waterfalls to volcanic craters as well as one of the World’s Heritage sites. 


As long as you are aware of such things as changing weather conditions and road appearance, the Golden Circle is the perfect drive. Depending on how much time you have to spend on the road there are certain sites that anyone driving the Golden Circle should experience. 


Three of the most popular and spectacular sites are Thingvellir National Park, the Geysir Geothermal Field and of course the mighty Gullfoss Waterfall. Of course, there are other stops worth taking. How about a secret lagoon? The Golden Circle really offers you some of the best that Iceland has to offer. 


The Best Things in Life Really Are Free


Even if you don’t opt for the Golden Circle as your driving route there are plenty of other suggestions available. Even though Iceland is one of the most expensive countries in the world, it makes up for it by the number of things to do for free that are available. 


For instance, even though the Blue Lagoon is rightfully one of Iceland’s most popular sites, there are also several hot springs around the island in which you can take a dip for free. If you feel like parking the car for a minute or two, there is also the Landmannalaugar hiking area, the most diverse landscape on the island. 


The island really does have something for everyone. Take a rain check on the tourist bus in Iceland and rent your own set of wheels instead. Start from the beautiful city of Reykjavik and drive around the Golden Circle before finishing in the capital again. 


The Golden Circle route offers a multitude of different experiences and you will not be disappointed. If you choose another route, you can’t go wrong either. In Iceland, the magic never stops and the sites will leave you breathless. Rent your own car and take an unforgettable road trip to one of the most exciting places in the world.


In Closing


There is no doubt if you’re trying to figure out how to get around in Iceland that renting a car is your best plan of action. And, one that will offer the most adventure. For more travel tips, be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post!

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