Travel Tips – Things You Can Do to Entertain Yourself While You Travel

While traveling is something to be excited about, the journey itself can be quite draining. Depending on where you’re traveling or the means of transportation being used, you could find yourself spending hours on end until you reach your final destination. If you can find some entertainment while traveling, you could make good use of that time. If you’re looking to make use of that time or just searching for ideas to pass it without dying of boredom, here are some ideas to help keep you busy and entertained: 


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Finding Entertainment While Traveling


Make Money 


Yes, you heard that right. Why not use that extra time to your advantage and earn some bucks while you’re at it? You can do this by taking surveys online, playing a game, scanning your barcode receipts or sometimes even just by searching the web. If you are playing on your phone anyway, you might as well make some extra cash by getting free spins and bonus free rounds, allowing you to make money without having paid a dime. People at  918kiss have made is possible for their clients to keep playing while on travels by making their games more accessible on their mobile phones. You could find yourself killing quite a few hours and wreaking a few benefits. 


Catch Up On Your Reading


With the world being so fast-paced, it has become quite difficult to find the time to read without getting distracted. There’s always something that comes up, a phone that rings, an urgent errand to run, something on the telly, or just being too tired to focus. Now that you know you’re not going anywhere for the next few hours and very little distractions around you, it’s the perfect time to get some reading done. Pack a book or two of different genres to test out the waters and not get stuck reading something you’re not in the mood for. 


Movie Marathon 


If you’re still too tired to read, or just can’t seem to focus, it’s time to pull out the crowd-pleaser: watch some movies. You can download a few films or series on your phone or tablet and binge-watch until you get there. There’s no reason to feel guilty about pressing that next button after every episode, as you have nothing else you need to be doing. So, take the chance and watch the items on your list carefree. This way, you’ll also have a lot of topics to discuss with your friends when you’re back. 


Listen to a Podcast 


There are so many interesting topics that you’ll be able to enjoy, contemplate, and add to your general knowledge. The inspiration you get out of the talks can not only motivate you but encourage you to make some changes or start something new. Or, it could just be a trail of thought you can ponder on and have the chance to allow yourself to get philosophical. 


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Plan Your Vacation 


If you didn’t have time to plan your holiday, now is an excellent time to get started. That way, once you arrive, you’ll know the best spots to hit up, where to eat, what to expect and make sure you’re not missing out on anything special about the place you’re heading towards. You can make a detailed route of the sight-seeing you want to do according to distance from your location and categorize the best food places accordingly, to be able to put together an efficient plan. You can check my travel tips section for some ideas!


Make Some Art 


Whether you have any artistic skills or not, letting your mind release it on a piece of paper is such a stress-free act. You don’t have to be an artist to doodle; on the contrary, some of the coolest doodles come from the most random lines that the brain decides to join. With bits and pieces of wiggles and swirls, you could find yourself creating something completely unexpected and is beautiful in its own unique way. The benefit of doodling is that you don’t think and just let the mind wander off, giving it a chance to release the things it is stressing about in a beautiful way. Isn’t that a great form of stress-relieving? 


Set Goals


It’s important to be practical and work towards a better future. Every once in a while, you should take the time to think about your life goals, consider the changes you need to make and start planning for making a better future. What better way to force yourself to sit, analyze and actually start planning on your way to your destination? There’s no running away from it or any distraction to get you procrastinating. When analyzing your current status and identifying things that need to be changed, you can start coming up with solutions, alternative options to fixing the problem at hand, as well as creating better opportunities and longer-term goals you’d like to achieve. Revisit this list on your next trip and see what you’ve actually managed to cross off from your plan. 


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Be sure to bring small things for children to play with on long train or plane rides.


Listen to Music 


It’s always surprising how much time can pass when you’re listening to music without you even realizing. You escape reality and travel to parallel universes with every song you listen to, stirring up different emotions, triggering different memories, and just keeping you busy. Close your eyes, sit back and enjoy the rhythm because the music is bound to keep you company and make sure you have a good time. 



Strike Up a Conversation with a Stranger 


Being surrounded by total strangers who also have nothing to do gives you the opportunity to practice your social skills. Make a new friend who is also heading to the same destination, get some tips, local advice, or a companion you can take along on your adventure. If the person seems nice and you really do connect, you can have so much fun together once you’ve reached your destination and in no time, you’ll have the perfect travel partner. 




There are so many ways you can find entertainment while traveling, but, if you’ve tried all of the above and still have time on your hands, then it’s time to close your eyes and switch off for a while until you arrive. After all, getting energy for the trip ahead of you is just as essential, too, don’t you think?

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