Altec Lansing BoomJacket Jolt Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

If you know one thing about me, you have to know that I love gadgets. As a busy mom and blogger, I am always looking for gadgets to simplify my life. Whether they free up my hands, save me time or bring an element of convenience to my day, make things easier means I have more mental bandwidth for the other million things I have to juggle. And what’s even better than simplicity? When simplicity, durability and quality collide. So does this portable Bluetooth speaker measure up? Keep reading for my full Altec Lansing BoomJacket review to find out everything I love it (and what I would like to have had). 


The Altec Lansing BoomJacket Jolt Portable Bluetooth speaker was sent to me at no cost by Best Buy for the purpose of this review along with a small gift card. This in no way shapes my opinion of this product.


Altec Lansing BoomJacket review


About the Altec Lansing BoomJacket Jolt Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Before I go into the details of my personal experience with the Altec Lansing BoomJacket Jolt Portable Bluetooth Speaker, I would like to share the details of the product with you. This Bluetooth speaker delivers 30 hours of battery life, comes with Qi Wireless + USB smartphone charging, contains x5 LED light modes including beat to music, slow pulse, slow fade, constant and off. It has an IP67 ‘Everything Proof’ rating and it even FLOATS! The Altec Lansing sound delivers impressive bass and sound that is ready to party with the capability to pair with up to 50 compatible speakers.


So how did it measure up?


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My Altec Lansing BoomJacket Review


I’ve had the Altec Lansing BoomJacket Jolt for about a week now and to be honest, I haven’t relaxed without it. Now let me back up because that’s a broad statement. The Altec Lansing BoomJacket Jolt came in a really cool clear plastic case which showcased its durability. The very first thing I noticed was my hands gripping to its rubber padding. These appear to double as shock absorbers and scratch/damage protection and likely play a large role in that IP67 ‘Everything Proof’ rating. 


Altec Lansing BoomJacket review


The second thing I noticed was all its bells and whistles. Talk about simplicity and convenience! The BoomJacket Jolt not only offers 30 hours of sound but its waterproof and comes with Qi Wireless and plug-in USB charging! WHAT! I can chill in the hot tub while listening to music and charging my phone! And that’s exactly what I did too. In part because I wanted to see a Bluetooth speaker float and because HOT TUBS!


best buy speaker


Let’s talk about sound. The sound from the BoomJacket exceeded my expectation of a Bluetooth portable speaker no doubt. But what really stands out is the amount of bass and volume that pops out of its speakers. The sound is immersive and impressive. And, it will pair with up to 50 speakers! Now that’s a party!


Best Buy speaker


In addition to these incredible features, the BoomJacket also has ‘Just Ask Voice Assistant’ compatibility which integrates with Google or Siri. This means I can say, “Hey Google, what’s the forecast for today?” or “Hey Google, how long will it take me to get home?” It also allows you to call contacts in your phone or businesses listed on Google. Talk about convenience! I’m here for it!


Best Buy Speaker


Finally, this portable waterproof, basically invincible floating Bluetooth speaker also comes with an LED assortment for extra flare. And let me tell you, it makes listening to music in the hot tub pretty fancy.


waterproof speaker


My Overall Opinion of the Altec Lansing BoomJacket


I love this speaker! It’s durable convenient and simplifies my life. I love that it’s waterproof and that it allows me to use Google. It sounds great and I don’t have to worry about my 11-year-old using it because it’s Everything Proof! One thing I wish this speaker would have is brighter LED lights. Otherwise, the Altec Lansing BoomJacket is AMAZING! Want to see more of my reviews? Be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post! 

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  1. I love mine, but how do I get the volume back to where it used to be?

    Les Walker / Reply
    • Not sure about that. I know that on my Bluetooth devices, the volume from my phone also controls the volume on my speaker. I hope that helps! If not, you may want to contact the manufacturer for warranty.

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