The Best Food Cities in the World

While it’s possible to find good food in just about any city on earth, it’s undeniable that some places just have to eat in their DNA. Whether it’s cheap street food designed to be eaten on the go, or a plethora of posh Michelin-starred establishments, there are a handful of cities that live and breath food in a way that few others can.


Best Food Cities


From an Asian metropolis to an ancient European settlement, all the way to a bustling North American meg city, our list of the best food cities on the planet is as diverse as it is delicious. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at our list of the best food cities in the world…


Athens – Greece


Known to most as the cradle of western civilization, Greece is also home to some of the most delicious food on the planet. From freshly baked loaves of bread to zingy, salty feta cheese, to fruit and vegetables so fresh they’ll make you cry, this Mediterranean nation is gastronomically blessed.


Some of the very best food in all of Greece can be found in the national capital of Athens, where top-notch restaurants serve up creative dinners, and the street food is among the most simple and delicious in all of Europe. Enjoy a cold beer and gyros – a wrap filled with shredded pork meat and salad – to feel like a true Athenian or head to an inexpensive taverna for meat stews and fresh salads. What’s more, Athens is a great place to come if you’re a coffee lover. Locals take their morning brew very seriously here, so much so that there are all kinds of traditions and superstitions surrounding the drink.


Bangkok – Thailand


Who doesn’t love Thai food? The bold flavors and myriad textures of this southeast Asian cuisine have made it one of the world’s most popular, with westerners consuming Thai food on an almost weekly basis. From Pad Thai to Green Curry, to the more adventurous flavors of dishes such as Larb, most people really do love tasty Thai fare.


Undoubtedly the nation’s biggest city and it is capital, Bangkok is the best place to eat in all of Thailand. That’s because it’s home to people from all over the country, who inevitably bring their culinary traditions along with them. As a result, foodies love Bangkok – where you’re able to enjoy a fiery seafood curry from the southern Thai islands before crossing the street for a classic northern dish such as khao soy (a kind of curried chicken noodle soup that’s truly delicious on a rainy Bangkok afternoon).


Add Bangkok’s fine dining options – that include some of the most luxurious restaurants in all of Asia – to this amazing regional food scene and you have what is truly a city at the forefront of global cuisine.


Mexico City – Mexico


No list of the world’s best food cities would be complete without including the western hemisphere’s largest metropolitan zone. This behemoth of a city is home to every kind of food imaginable, with street food on seemingly every corner from the upmarket Roma district all the way to the bustling city center.


hotel xcaret mexico

El Mercado


Travelers coming to Mexico City quickly learn to love the down-at-heel eating culture here, with tacos, quesadillas and more eaten at casual stands across town. With fillings as delicious and diverse as freshly made queso oaxaceña – a kind of melty, Mexican mozzarella – to shredded, spiced beef brisket, there’s seemingly no end to the variety of street food in this amazing city. Although Mexican food is beloved across the globe, the type of fare you will get in Mexico City is probably not what you would get at your standard Tex-Mex joint.


With that said, it isn’t all about casual dining in DF (this stands for Distrito Federál and is generally what the locals call their city). The Mexican capital is home to a range of top-class eateries that are redefining what the national cuisine is by using local ingredients and classic European classic techniques. There is a food revolution occurring in Mexico City and foodies from across the globe are flocking here for a taste!


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