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Top 7 Best Bali Travel Itinerary For A Magical Vacation

When you are trying to pick out your next travel destination, you’ll discover that many travel enthusiasts recommend Bali. As soon as you check out a few images of the place, you’ll instantly fall in love with the exotic vibes of the island and with the impressive and captivating scenery. 


Best Bali Travel Itinerary


If after carefully considering your options, you’ve finally decided that Bali should be your next vacation destination, now it’s time to plan your trip. Because you probably want to make the most of each moment spent there, you need to be a bit organized, do your research, and have an itinerary in mind

What are the most important planning tips to be aware of? What aspects should you focus on to ensure a fulfilling Bali experience? Here are some guidelines that will help you out:


1. Check visa requirements 


In the majority of cases, you won’t have to deal with a lot of complication to enter Bali. You’ll get a 30-day free entry permit when you arrive there, all you need to do to get the stamp is going through the main migration lane. However, if you intend to stay for more than a month, there are a few other procedures involved. Go the “Visa on arrival” office and the people working there will give you all the info you need – for a prolonged stay, paying a fee will be required. 


2. Best time to visit


Although you can visit Bali all year long, some months aren’t exactly ideal and can prevent you from enjoying your stay to the fullest. Tourists usually prefer the dry season, which begins in April and lasts until September. Traveling there the rest of the year means you’ll be dealing with a less favorable season, so weather-wise, you might encounter some inconveniences.

But if you don’t exactly have a problem with rain, you should know that during the rainy season, you’ll come across far more affordable prices on both accommodation and plane tickets. 


3. Find the right type of accommodation


Although you might want to go island hopping and explore different areas around Bali, you still need a “home base” for the time you spend in this location. Accommodations are plenty, so you will find an option for almost every budget. If you have specific requirements, you can use different accommodation booking sites to compare amenities. 

From Spa resorts to private villas, you’ll discover an impressive selection of offers with a simple search on the web. Think about what would bring you the most comfortable, if you want to have massage packages included or similar services, and consider your must-have amenities.

Once you know what you want, narrow down your choices to the accommodation types that actually meet your desires. Read a few reviews as well, just to be certain you are making the right choice.  


4. Book a cruise


Staying in the same place your entire Bali vacation isn’t the ideal plan here. There are many beautiful beaches in the surrounding areas around Bali, and many amazing things to discover. So if you want to go on a more extensive travel adventure, and explore other popular spots in Bali’s proximity the best way to do so is by booking a cruise.

Island hopping will fill your entire trip with excitement and will give you the opportunity to discover many breathtaking locations in just a few days. Whether you want to see the Komodo National Park, snorkel above coral reefs, or encounter the hidden gems of Komodo, go on a cruise. The right Bali cruise packages will incorporate many thrilling activities in a few days of sailing. 

Bali tourists usually choose to go on an organized cruise because it’s easier to get more things done and visit more places during a limited time. If you are the type of tourist who enjoys a luxury experience, you’ll find an offer that can top any requirements or desires you might have. 


5. Enjoy The Nightlife


There are several areas in Bali like Kuta and Seminyak where you can have fun at night. You’ll find several nightclubs with world class DJs without breaking the bank. Also there are many beach bars where you can relax while meeting new people. There are many tourists and locals alike that want to mingles. In fact, hookups here are the norm thanks to the holiday mood on the island. There is even a Bali guide for singles and couples who want to have sexual encounters.


Go surfing


Bali is the perfect place to surf. With so many beaches and easy-to-surf waves, many people choose to visit the island just for this type of water sport alone. If you haven’t tried surfing until now, but are interested in learning, this is the place to do it. You can get your own instructor, rent the necessary equipment and engage in the ultimate surfing adventure. You’ll love the thrill, and the scenery will only make the experience that more memorable. 


6. How to get around


When you aren’t island hopping, surfing, or sipping a cocktail by the pool, you might want to go on a local exploration trip. Getting around the island means you need to find the right transportation option. Well, you basically have three popular choices here. 

The first one, chosen by many tourists and locals as well, is driving around in a scooter. You can rent one locally, and it will be easy for you to reach your desired spots quickly. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, you could hire a driver, or choose the third option, and that is using the GoJek or Grab apps used locally to go from one place to another. .


7. Don’t forget your essentials


Traveling to Bali without sunscreen and mosquito repellant could leave you with a nasty sunburn or mosquito bites all over. Make a list of all the essentials and remember to pack everything you need. Also, because certain currency exchange scams happen in Bali, make sure you’ve handled this task before your departure and you come prepared. 

Bali is certainly a place worth fully exploring. There’s not one thing you won’t love about Bali, everything about the place being magical. However, in order to actually enjoy your first trip there to the fullest, you should be organized and plan a few things before your actual departure.

These are the recommendations that you need to keep in mind when you are deciding on the specifics of your travel. From choosing the best travel dates to booking a cruise package and exploring the most beautiful spots around the island, keep in mind each one of these tips. 

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